Which Headphones Should You Buy?

Which Headphones Should You Buy?

This is a very common question, when it comes to finally searching for, and buying a pair of headphones. Its also not an easy one to answer, as their are so many different types of headphones, styles, qualities, and also price ranges. But what we can do is try to narrow your selection down to something that may suit your needs the best.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What will I be using my headphones with?

Where will I be using my headphones?

What kind of quality do I want?

What is my headphone buying budget?

Use these questions to start to narrow down what you may be looking for.

Some of the basic styles of headphones include the following:

Full Size – Full size headphones are large and sit around the ear. Many of the world’s best DJ’s use the full size type.

In Ear – In ear headphones isolate the most of any type, and also produce some amazing sound.

Closed – Usually a pair of headphones with a closed back. That are very comfortable, and also isolate sound.

Noise Cancelling – Great type of headphones for travelling, and an amazing noise cancelling sound experience.

Wireless – No wires involved, usually connect to your music source by Bluetooth or RF frequency.

Ear Buds – Classic style of headphones, that are small and portable.

Behind the neck – Headphones that have a headband that goes behind the neck.

Balanced – A pair of headphones that have been mastered to produce perfectly balanced sound from both ears.

Take a look at these types of headphones and see what may suit your needs the best. For example, if your a jogger, and looking for a pair of sports headphones, you may want to look at something that is wireless, or something that is small and light weight, like an in-ear style. If your producing music, or maybe your into DJ’ing, you will definitely want to look at the full size range.

It will also be important for you to figure out your budget. Headphone price ranges can vary greatly, you can find a pair at $10, and also a pair at $2000, easily. So, figure out how serious you are about what you want in your headphones, and buy a pair that suit your needs.

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