VOXOA HD Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Review


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Voxoa headphones is a fairly new headphone company, and from what I understand they currently have one model on their roster, called the VOXOA HD Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones. These headphones not only look much different compared to other Bluetooth cans, but also act differently as well because of their unique set of features. A lot of thought has definitely gone into the build design, and the choice of specific features implemented into the Bluetooth Voxoa’s.VOXOA HD Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones Review

These nifty headphones can be bought in either white or black. The ones I have are black, and were sent to me directly from Voxoa, so big thanks for that! I do know that Voxoa seems to sell most of their headphones through Amazon.com, you can click here for the best price and to read more personal reviews. They also do seem to have quite a high rating on Amazon as well, people are very happy with the Voxoa HD Wireless headphones, and so am I!

The Voxoa’s came in a very nice packaging which I was impressed with. The packaging was similar to that of a very high end pair of headphones, such as the Beyerdynamic New Tesla T-90’s and the Denon Globe Cruisers. Upon unboxing them they were presented professionally, and showcased through a protective clear plastic covering, with the mini accessory box tucked off to the side. They were easy to remove from the packaging and simple to setup for charging. The accessories include one charging cable (which is a USB to micro USB), one 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable incase you don’t want to use them wirelessly, a quality carrying bag, and a 1 year warranty card.

VOXOA HD Build and Features

These Voxoa HD’s are mainly an all plastic construction, although fairly thick where it counts, such as the headband extension. They are all plastic but do feel stronger then a pair of Beats, I would still advise you to take care of them well as any unexpected pull or twist can definitely break them. They have a nice rubberized texture on the inside of the headband, and have an overall feel of good quality headphones. The ear-cups are square, and on-ear style. The memory foam padding and hyper soft covering on the ear-cups allows for a super comfortable fit, and so far I have not experience any kind of pressure points or discomfort at all. The ear-pieces are also voxoa Bluetooth 4.0, aptX, AAC, NFC, HD audiointelligently engineered with the ability to pivot in practically any direction. The headband is nice and wide with a good thick padding at the top. The Voxoa HD Wireless Headphones are also very light weight for their size.

These versatile cans have a removable cable, and you’ll be happy to know that you can use them without them being powered on. As a matter a fact, even if you plug in the cable while the headphones are powered on they will shut off automatically. If you want to activate the Bluetooth again just power them on by holding the large button on the right ear for a few seconds. One feature that piqued my interest is the NFC, which stands for “near field communication”, the same technology used with new credit cards to complete a transaction by just tapping the card onto the receiver. If your mobile phone or device has NFC all you have to do to pair it is tap them together, and your Bluetooth will then be connected! Pretty high tech stuff.

The VOXOA HD Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headphones also have track and volume controls on the ear-pieces which worked seamlessly with my android device. These headphones would also make a great pair of travelling cans not only because they are lightweight and reasonably small (for a pair of on-ear’s), but also because they fold up very easily, just push the ear-pieces inwards and there you have a nice compact portable set.

VOXOA Headphones Comfort & Fit

I personally really enjoyed the comfort of these headphones. I love the fact that they are not too big or heavy, and the generous amounts of padding on both the headband and ear-cups makes them a very enjoyable wear. Sound and audio performance of the voxoaThe style is on-ear but the memory foam makes sure to eliminate any pressure points, and combined with it’s not too tight headband fit these do well during long periods of use. The only thing I avoid doing with these headphones is excessive physical activity or movement, as they do slip around a little bit when I wear them. If you want to be cable free around the house, on long trips, wether your in a car, bus, or airplane, these would make a really great pair of headphones and I highly recommend them for that.

VOXOA Sound Quality

Keeping in mind that these are wireless Bluetooth headphones, the audio is actually pretty good. I own some Bluetooth headphones that do sound a tad bit better but they also cost 4 times as much. Judging by the price of these headphones your getting a pretty good deal, and you would hardly be able to distinguish any kind of sound quality difference between these and most wired headphones in the same price range. What was very apparent to me upon first using them is the good strong bass, and the delicate highs, which were both very well balanced. The mids on the other hand were not so strong, but still present. I found the mids did improve when using the removable cable, and the overall sound was slightly richer.

I used the Voxoa Bluetooth headphones with a wide variety of music types as I usually do when testing and reviewing headphones, and to my surprise they catered very well to them all. The varieties that stood out the most to me were house and rock, as it sounded pleasantly natural and well replicated, giving off an excellent sense of realism.

Overall I really like the Voxoa HD Wireless Headphones, and i feel they provide good value away from some of the bigger names such as Sony and Panasonic. If your looking for a unique pair of Bluetooth headphones for leisurely use these could be an excellent choice for you. For the best price and more reviews click on the product link below.


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