Sony MDR-E10LP Lightweight Earbuds Review

Sony MDR-E10LP Lightweight Earbuds Review

Super Lightweight & Clear Plastic Buds

With all the new releases in over-ear and in-ear style headphones, the classic ear-buds have been placed on the back-burner. But do not underestimate some of the better quality ear-buds like the Sony MDR-E10LP Lightweight Ear-buds. Ear-buds are just easy to use, are low maintenance and small and convenient for traveling. The Sony MDR-E10LP Lightweight’s take it a step further and add quality build, full rich sound and modern style to the mix.

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The Sony MDR-E10LP Lightweight Earbuds fit very well in the ear because of the bud shape that has been molded to fit perfectly, the bud itself is angled for a tighter fit and to also direct audio into the ear properly. Because of the quality build Sony has implemented, these MDR-E10LP’s are virtually indestructible and can withstand a large amount of abuse. Im not saying to abuse these headphones on purpose here, but what I’m getting at is that they are great if you don’t want to have to worry about taking care of higher end models, or maybe your just the type that doesn’t want to care in general. This is not only my experience with the Sony MDR-E10LP Lightweight Ear-buds, but also other peoples reported use with these headphones. A lot of parents opt to get these for there kids because they are so durable.

The Sony MDR-E10LP Lightweight Earbuds are an all plastic construction and the cord is nice and long allowing for easy movement when listening to beats. The sound quality is very nice and holds up well in the high frequency range as well as having full rich mids and lows. The sound on the Sony MDR-E10LP’s is equalized and well balanced allowing for a very enjoyable audio experience. One of the only draw back I found with these headphones was the long term us may not be as comfortable as some in-ear headphones or over-ear’s, but that issue comes with almost all “ear-bud” styles. You can also use these headphones for sports or being active like gardening and stuff of that sort, they really are a great all around pair of headphones. The Sony MDR-E10LP Lightweight Earbuds are also very easy on the pocket book! And offer excellent value.

MDR-E10LP Specifications:

  • Superb Quality 13.5mm Driver Units
  • Neodymium Magnets for Strong Bass and Rich Treble Sound
  • Super-Light Design
  • Open air, dynamic
  • The cord is very long and durable
  • Green,Cords are backed by a 90-day warranty