Sony MDR-10RNCiP Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

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My Thoughts

We have a new addition to the Sony family of headphones! They are a pair of noise-canceling headphones, and are replacing the discontinued model MDR-10RNC. I would definitely consider these headphones to be a high-end leisure pair, just like the Sol Republic Master Tracks. These Sony MDR-10RNCiP headphones cost a pretty penny, but are jam packed with advanced features that work very well. I have the all white model here, they also come in an all black. These headphones also come in a well presented box, which is a big change for Sony, as they seem to have gotten used to clam shells the last couple of years. The MDR-10RNCiP’s come with a very nice hard shell carrying case, and an airplane adapter. Lets take a look below at some of the specifics.

Sony MDR-10RNCiP Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

Comfort, Build, and Features

These bad boys have a very interesting style to them. They do have that classic Sony look, but with an advanced futuristic twist. The Sony MDR-10RNCiP headphones are mainly an all plastic construction, with the exception of the steel reinforced headband. They have a feeling of quality and luxury to them, despite being mainly plastic. The ear-pieces pivot both ways, to accommodate head movement, which is rare to find in a pair of headphones. The headband extends like you would normally expect.

The padding is unbelievable, and could potentially be my favourite thing about these MDR-10RNCip’s. The extremely high comfort that these headphones provide is really what everybody should be looking for in a pair of headphones, especially if your going to be using them for long journeys. The ear-cups have a memory foam padding that tappers off towards the front of the ear-cups, for a highly contoured fit. The headband is just as plush, with very thick memory foam. Both the ear-pieces, and headband are wrapped in a buttery soft leather covering.

The cable on these headphones is also fully detachable, and better yet, the cable only leads up to one ear, not both! Sony must have done some extensive consumer research specifically for this model, as they have implemented some of the best features.

Sound Quality

This model is specifically designed to be an active noise-cancelling pair of headphones, and they excel in this area. The MDR-10RNCip’s do take a triple A battery in the right ear-piece for the noise-cancelling feature to work. Once you have them all setup and ready to go, just switch on the noise-cancelling button, and be prepared to hear practically nothing around you! The noise-cancelling is amazing on these headphones. The overall sound is also brilliant, with very rich mids, a nice balanced base, and natural highs. I highly recommend these headphones if they fall into your budget range. Click on the product link below for more personal reviews.