Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

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Hey guys, I’m excited to be doing a review on the Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. I was down-town today and stopped by one of my local stores. I saw these sleek looking headphones that I had not seen before, and then found out that they had just been released a few days ago! And so I had to grab a pair and try them out and do a review. There was no display model in the store, so I had to go by what I saw inside the box, which was a low profile design in all black, and wireless with Bluetooth. I love coming across a new pair of wireless headphones because they are so simple and easy to use, so I bought them and brought them home, and just completed an unboxing and review video which I will add here (at the bottom) for you.

First impressions when I unboxed them was how incredibly light they were, it blew me away when I took them out of the packaging. I’m assuming I was expecting something heavier considering they are wireless and also a full size style headphone, but no, these are probably some of the lightest full size headphones I’ve ever handled even in the “wired” styles. I then placed them onto my head and it was like they were not even on. I immediately thought about how great the Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones will be for sports like biking, rollerblading and even cruising on a long board.

Update: Just reviewed the new Audio-Technica M-Series, and I’m blown away! Check out my full review here.

Build, Specs & Function

The headphones themselves are of an all plastic construction with very soft and plush earcups. The headband extends normally like you would expect on most headphones, when fully extended the feel is slightly flimsy. The earcups have easy function navigation buttons for volume control, changing music track, and also a button for answering and ending phone calls. The HD microphone is built into the right earcup, you might not notice it, as it is just a tiny little hole under the earcup. The ear-pieces also rotate/pivot for an excellent fit.

The audio quality is exceptional as well, and in no way would I be able to tell the difference from a wired pair of Sony headphones, if anything I would probably say the sound is richer and the bass is deeper on the DR-BTN200’s (which I like). When I make phone calls with them everyone is impressed with the sound quality the microphone produces and people think I have the phone to my head.

Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and Sony has exceeded my expectations with the Sony DR-BTN200 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone. I would advise anyone in the market for a pair of wireless headphones to seriously consider these as a top choice.

DR-BTN200 Features:

  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • Connects up to 8 devices
  • A2DP and HFP or HSP
  • 40 hour battery life
  • Micro USB cable

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      Thats a good question. I don’t see a huge difference, they both have NFC and the same features. I think the DR-BTN200M is maybe more mobile friendly, and allows you to connect to multiple devices at the same time.

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