Solitude XCS Active Noise Canceling and Amplifier Headphones Review

Solitude XCS Active Noise Canceling and Amplifier Headphones Review

Noise cancelling and high quality headphones are usually difficult to find on a tight budget. But I was lucky to come across this interesting pair of noise cancelling amplifier headphones, called Solitude XCS. These headphones remind me of the Bose QC3 noise cancelling headphones, which is a good thing considering the Bose headphones are at least 3 times the price. Solitude design made sure to use cutting edge technology to implement high end sound and build quality. The company that makes these cans is called Solitude Design, and I will admit, I’ve never tried any of their headphones before these ones.

Pros: Very comfortable, good noise-cancelling, easy track functionality,  excellent sound quality, descent build, mic on cable.

Cons: Sound leakage, a little bit on the large side, not the coolest style I’ve seen.

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Solitude XCS Build and Features

These headphones are mainly an all plastic construction, which makes them feel quite light weight, but also a little bit flimsy, especially if your comparing them to the Bose range. If you don’t already know about me, and what I like in headphones, I’m a fan of tight fitting cans. I felt the headband on these could have been a little snugger. On some occasions while lying down, the headband Solitude XCS Noise Reduction Best Bargain Reviewsslipped off the top of my head (I have a small head).

These Solitude XCS Active Noise Canceling and Amplifier Headphones come with a few features on the ear-pieces, and on the cable. The left ear-piece has the power on/off switch, along with volume control, they are placed very well and are easy to use. The cable is about 4 feet long including a mic, and is compatible with all iDevices. These Solitude XCS headphones do require AAA batteries to function, but I was impressed with the 40 hours of use you can pull out of them (which is better then most).

Even though these headphones perform well, and have good functionality, I’m honestly not a huge fan of the style. They are a little bit basic looking, but for $200 less then other headphones that perform the same, who cares! These are great for travelling or hanging out at home.

Sound Performance

I like bringing back the point that these headphones are a huge bargain, this also applies to the sound quality of these as well. Your getting high end audio quality for a fraction of the price of other high end headphones. The bass is very full and the mids are sharp, the treble is also outstanding. Voice was very clear on these as well, as I tried them with a few audio books. The noise-cancelling on these Solitude XCS’s is good, I wont say its amazing, but it does a good job. Sometimes a headphone company will claim noise-cancelling, but really all they mean is overly loud, obtrusive sound, that is not the case for these.

These Solitude XCS headphones also have a built in mini amplifier, which really shows when it comes the power and quality of the sound. If you wanted a sound boost from most headphones, you would have to buy a separate amplifier, which can range anywhere from $30 into the hundreds of dollars for a good one.

Overall I do have to say I’m impressed. If your looking to stretch your money, these would be a great option for you. For more personal reviews, and a huge discount click on the product link below.