SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD V10 On-Ear Headphones Review


These SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD V10’s are not really a new release pair of headphones, but I thought I would review them anyways, especially since I really love the big brother, the “Master Tracks”.

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At first look through the packaging, they have a very similar style to the Master Tracks, which was easily noticeable due to the removable ear-cups and ultra strong headband. The box is also quite neat and well put together, with it’s magnetic window cover, showcasing the sexy Tracks HD V10. The box was very easy to open, and the Sol Republic headphones come packaged with the ear-cups removed from the headband, making it almost look like a mini speaker set up.

I chose a fairly flamboyant color this time, best described as a deep but bright purple or violate, with a hint of pink! I generally like to keep my headphones kind of low profile with black, white and brown colors, but not this time.

vSOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD V10 On-Ear Headphones Review

Build Quality and Comfort

After using and reviewing a few Sol Republic models, I do have to say that they are all built with the utmost amazing quality, and durability standards. The Tracks HD V10 have the same characteristics of the Master Tracks and that also includes the practically unbreakable headband. The ear-cups on the other hand, which are made of plastic and aluminium are not so indestructible, but are still excellent.

The ear-cups are also perfectly round and lined with with a generous amount of basic padding. The headband has a well placed patch of memory right at the top, which I found was very comfortable.

What makes these HD V10’s so unique is the fact that they are built strong, with very little metal construction, making them lightweight and ridiculously comfortable to wear. Wearing these around the neck was also comfortable, as well as one earing them. They performed well during long term use, with slightly noticeable ear-pressure discomfort after a few hours.

Since the ear-cups are removable you can use them as mini speakers on your laptop if you ever needed to.

Sound Quality and Performance

The sound quality on the HD V10’s is really good. The audio is very full sounding, similar to Bose headphones, with an excellent mid range and deep bass. The treble could use with a little bit of a boost at times, but it depended on the track I was listening to at the time. Generally speaking the sound on these Sol Republics is excellent, and I like the fact that they go very loud!

These make an excellent “on-the-move” pair of headphones, due to their smart all in one packing. No real need for a mini DAC with these as I found the sound nice and strong with a regular sound card, get a mini headphone amp if you want that extra boost.