Sol Republic Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones Review

Sol Republic Master Tracks Over-Ear Headphones Review

This is my first review on a pair of Sol Republic headphones, the model I have is the Master Tracks, and let me tell you, their really nice! This pair of over-ear headphones came well packaged, and with a little bit of a unique twist, as the ear-cups are not attached to the headband in the box. After unboxing, you simply have to match up the ear-cups with the right sides, and then slip them on the headband. I have the white model here, they also come in an all black, and blue variation as well.

Have a look at my Sol Republic Master Tracks review video:

Sol Republic Master Tracks Build and Comfort

The build on these headphones is very interesting. They are mainly an all plastic construction, except for the back of the ear-pieces, which have a very solid plate of metal and the logo engraved in. The plastic on these Master Tracks is super strong and durable. The headband is practically indestructible, due to the “FlexTech” technology created by Sol Republic. You can pretty much bend the headband in any way, with a lot force and it will not break. The headband is also surprisingly light weight, and comes with a 1000 day guarantee.

I really love the comfort of these headphones. The fit is exceptional, Mainly due to the perfect tightness on the headband, accompanied by pillow soft padding on both the ear-cups and the headband. The ear-cups on these Master Tracks are a very full over-ear style, they cup completely over my ears.

The cable on the Master Tracks over-ear headphones is fairly short, but is removable and is equipped with track control and microphone. The cable does attach to both ear-pieces, I would have liked to have seen a single ear connection.

master tracks high quality headphones

Master Tracks Sound Quality

These headphones really do have the whole package. The sound quality is what you would expect in a pair of headphones in this price range. The X3 sound engine speakers contain 40mm drivers, they pump out wild audio quality. The bass is powerful , the highs are clear and crisp, and the vocal tone is very realistic. These Master Tracks are also great at noise isolation, you can hardly hear anything around you with them on. This is definitely a pair of headphones that will not let you down! For more personal reviews, click on the product link below.