Sennheiser Wireless Headphones


If you don’t already know, Sennheiser is a leading manufacturer in the headphone industry. Sennheiser has a variety of wireless headphones, some for your TV, and some powered by Bluetooth designed to connect to your wireless devices. They have an extremely large selection of different models, some can be found for under $100, while the majority are high end above $200, and can go as high as $500. Sennheiser is a German company, they take great pride in their audio products, they are crafted precisely and with high quality materials to ensure maximum enjoyment and a long life.

Sennheiser’s non wireless range can actually exceed $1500 in price, which caters more to the audiophile crowd. The Sennheiser wireless range is one of the best available, especially for TV use. The wireless TV headphones run on RF frequency and the higher end TV models run on a digital signal, some models are even noise-cancelling which is somewhat rare to find in a pair of RF or digital TV headphones. Lets take a look below at some of the most significant wireless Sennheiser headphones.

Sennheiser Wireless TV RF Frequency Headphones Under 100

Sennheiser Wireless Headphones

RS 110

This was the cheapest pair of RF TV headphones offered by Sennheiser. Despite being the lowest budget model they still provided good features and performance compared to similar models by different brands. The RS 110 runs on a 900 MHz wireless transmitter, which is powerful enough to allow you to walk around your entire house and still have good reception, this signal can even penetrate walls. The signal is so strong you can even go outside and hang out in the backyard while listening to your favourite TV show, movie, or music thats playing from your TV. This model has apparently been discontinued by Sennheiser, but you may still be able to purchase it from certain online stores.

wireless headset on the dock

RS 120

The RS 120, which is the step up from the RS 110, has the same strong foundation as the base model but with a few added perks. The sound performance is a little better on these, and they are known to reproduce the audio with a stronger bass frequency. The cradle that the RS 120 sits on is transmitter, as well as being the charger, which is really convenient as the headset will almost always have power. This headset is also a tad more stylish, compared to its little brother the RS 110. Apparently there seems to also be a newer version of these, called the HDR 120, which will also work on the older charging cradle.

Sennheiser Wireless RF TV Headphones Under 200

tv headset

RS 130

This pair of RF TV headphones has a range of up to 120 meters! It has everything the lower end models have, plus a lighter weight, and advanced auto tuning sound. If you experience a sudden change in the sound from the movie or show that your watching from your TV, the auto tuning will kick in and re-calibrate your frequencies for a more enjoyable listening experience. The RS 130 also have a long battery life of 22 hours per charge. This model has a surround sound feature which can be turned on/off. The RS 130 comes with rechargeable NIMH batteries, charging stand (which is also the transmitter), and a 1/4 inch plug adapter.

digital sound is high quality

HDR 160 and RS 160

The HDR 160 is the new version of the RS 160. This headset is a big step up from all the previous models, mainly because Sennheiser has implemented a digital wireless signal, instead of RF. The digital transmitter size is super small, which I find makes it a super slick option if your not into the big cradle look, you can easily conceal this small transmitter so that no body sees it. These headphones are also dynamic and boast audiophile sound quality, with very rich bass tones. The comfort on these is also outstanding for a pair of Sennheiser wireless headphones, as the ear-cups have very thick padding and have an oval/triangular shape. The next model up under $200 is the HDR170, which you can view by clicking here.

All Sennheiser Wireless Headphones For TV Over 200

This next group of Sennheiser wireless headphones jump up by about $100 from the last model that was under 200.

high end sennheiser headset under 100

RS 170

This next model here is quite interesting, as it comes with an advanced cradle that is capable of hosting up to 4 Sennheiser headsets! You can have a party and invite over all your friends with headsets and watch a movie together in noise-cancelling peace! The sound on these is also amazing, and features dynamic bass and surround sound. These headphones weigh in at 7.6 0z, they have an amazing range of 260 feet, and last up to 24 hours on a single charge (although it takes 16 hours to fully charge them from empty).

wireless headphones under 200

RS 180

This next step up, the RS 180 is designed with an open circumaural structure, they also connect by a digital wireless KLEER uncompressed audio transmission (getting quite advanced now are we!). The cradle works as the transmitter and the charger, keep in mind it is also digital, unlike the lower end RF frequency cradles. Believe it or not, the RS 180 has an astounding range of up to 320 feet! Which is the longest range we have seen so far in the Sennheiser wireless TV headphones. This pair would make an excellent fit on a big home theatre system.

RS 220 big ear cups audiophile

RS 220

We are now approaching the top of the echelon in the Sennheiser wireless headphone range. This RD 220 model here is a little larger then the last few, and is equipped with some extra luxury features. Some of these extras include, super plush extra large velvet covered ear-pads, an ergonomic and adjustable headband, and a transmitter stand that includes digital and analog connections. The sound is also as good as it gets, even rivalling some high-end wired headphones. The look is also quite nifty on these RS 220’s, which is blacked out with chrome outlines and a nice Sennheiser logo on both ear-pieces.

the king of the wireless headphones

RS 85

This next pair here called the RS 85 have apparently been discontinued, but lets do a quick over-view either way, as there might be a replacement coming out soon. This pair seems to have a lot of similar features compared to the RS 220, but the design seems to be very different. The ear-cups on the RS 85 are a covered in a soft cloth to add to your enjoyment on longer periods of use, the ear-cups also seem to be a little smaller then the past models. The color on these is also different then the norm coming from Sennheiser, which is a nice soft grey. Volume and transmission can be adjusted directly on the headphones themselves, and they also have automatic tuning and multi headset capabilities like some others models we have looked at. The RS 85 has a blistering reception distance, at a ridicules 300 feet! You can practically have dinner with your neighbours while wearing these!

Sennheiser Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones are made to connect to any Bluetooth devices, such as your computer, tablet, or SmartPhone. You can use them to listen to pretty much anything as long as you have a Bluetooth connection. I personally use them to listen to music, the occasional movie, and the rare audiobook. It would be difficult to find any of the following Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones under 100.

wireless and Bluetooth cant be found under 100

MM 100 Headset

This particular pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones is a behind the neck style, which is actually uncommon to find for wireless, I know of only a couple other brands with models like this. The MM 100 has excellent stereo sound, they boast a well spread dynamic range that is capable of producing very realistic sound. There are controls directly on the headset, as well as a microphone that suits the behind the neck style. These come in a mainly all plastic construction with a faded grey coloring.

Sennheiser wireless Bluetooth headphones are foldable


This pair is a regular headband style, specifically on-ear. The PX210BT is an excellent choice for travelling, as it is small, light weight, and also foldable. It has track and volume control on the outside of the left ear-piece. What I find neat about these is that they are also noise-blocking! Which is interesting given the fact that they are over-ear style with small ear-pieces. The hi-fi sound is  also great quality, Sennheiser loves to make sure that all of their wireless headphones provide a fantastic sound experience.

plastic construction but high quality sound

MM 450-X

The MM 450-X is the step up from the PX210BT, they look almost identical but they are more then double the price! This pair has NoiseGard 2.0, which is an advanced noise-canceling technology designed to block out 90% of background noise. The microphone is also very well hidden and performs with hyper clear sound. These Sennheiser wireless headphones are also equipped with TalkThrough technology, another innovative feature that allows you to talk to people around you without needing to take off the headset.

big over-ear headphones with easy track control

MM 500-X

This model is a full size over-ear style, and funny enough it has the same look as the previous two wireless on-ear headphones from Sennheiser, it’s just bigger. These big guys include Bluetooth 2.1, a well hidden microphone, large ear-pieces, and easy to access controls on the outside of the left ear. They are also completely foldable, making them also an excellent choice for travelling, wether your just going to a friends house, or your travelling the world. THe MM 500-X come with a cable as they are also cable compatible, which I think is an amazing option! These are your ideal wireless headphones, that can be used for just about anything.