Sennheiser Urbanite On-Ear Headphones Review

Brand New Release!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a new review on, partly due to my move to London, England! It has been a very hectic month, but finally things are starting to feel a little more settled now. I was sent the brand new release Sennheiser Urbanite On-Ear Headphones a few weeks ago and did the video review (which is at the top), but never got around to my usually more detailed written review. Well folks, here it is!

Unboxing The Urbanite

As usual, Sennheiser provides an impeccable product starting with the box, and going all the way to the finely tuned engineering of their products. The box Urbaniteconstruction is very similar to their other larger headphone models, such as the Momentums. Easy to open, and professionally displayed headphones keeps the  unboxing experience very pleasant. The general organization of the headphones and accessories is easily one of the best in the industry, and as a matter of fact I can’t think of any other brand that does this any better, let alone any that come close to mimicking Sennheiser.


Don’t get overly excited, as headphones don’t generally come with a load of fun accessories, but the Urbanite does come with some very important essentials. You can expect 1 soft carrying pouch (bag), and a 1.2 meter remote cable! Not a whole lot, but it’s quality cans were after, not the gimmicky accessories. It would have been nice if they had provided a hard carrying case rather then a bag to limit damage during traveling, but the Urbanites are quite robust in construction anyways, well get into that a little further down.

Headphone Build and Design

The Urbanites have a super fascinating style to them, one that easily distinguishes them from any other headphone model out there. They have a very futuristic and as the name suggests, “urban” style to them. The ear cups are easy to adjust, and the base of the headband has an interesting “loop” or “hook” looking foldedpiece that is very modern looking.

The main feature of this model is its ability to collapse and fold up for easy portability. You can travel with these easily concealed in your backpack and whip them out whenever you feel the need. The cable is your average length, built strong and thick, is removable and lockable, and is equipped with a microphone and track/volume control. Quite ideal for an urban environment.

The build is very robust and thick feeling, almost as tho it has a nice extra layer of material around it that seems to act as a shock absorber. That is at least compared to a model like the Momentum, which is very strong but has more of a bare boned build to it. Stainless steel and aluminium make up the majority of the materials used in building these, including some of the more important areas such as the hinges and ear-cup sliders.

The model that I have is the regular Urbanite, they also come in an over-ear XL version, which is much larger. The regular one is of course on-ear and quite comfortable to wear. The overall weight is fairly light, and the ear-cup padding is soft and plush, making for an excellent urban wear pair of cans.

Sound Performance

I can’t recall a time when Sennheiser has let me down in the sound department, and honestly I really don’t think they would ever release a model that is lacking in the most important aspect, sound.

The Urbanites have a very powerful audio emission to them, due to the strong well built drivers. The drivers are robust and can handle a good quality amp as well if your really looking for a top notch experience. Even on their own with no amp and weak sound card, the sound is still fantastic and rivals the best in the industry.

These headphones are fine tuned and balanced to perfection, and play a wide range of music variations very well. I found them to be a tad more bass heavy then the Momentums. The ear-cups are also great at blocking out any external noise, which I really enjoyed when riding the busy public transit system in Montreal.

Over all, I found this model to be awesome for everyday use and very convenient to use while on the go. I highly recommend them if your looking for something that can provide high quality sound while also being very tough, and something that can handle the occasional rustle and tussle that is inevitable in a busy city life.