Sennheiser Momentum Around Ear Headphones Review

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Unboxing & First Look

Finally I get to test out the Sennheiser Momentum Around Ear version. There is tremendous buzz about these headphones, and the fact that I tested out the smaller brother on-ear version of these and loved them, left me very curious about is full size counterpart. Big thanks to Sennheiser again for sending these out to me, and giving me the chance to explore their huge audiophile product line.Sennheiser Momentum Around Ear Headphones Review

First thing I noticed upon receiving them, was of course size, and this was apparent just from the box as it was much thicker then the smaller model. Graphics and style of the packing was the same, very professional and undeniably superior to many other audio companies. After popping the seals on the right side of the box, it was very easy to open by pulling up on the velvet tab, it opened up like a book to reveal the included hard shell case which was housing the headphones. On the left hand side of the box lay the welcome booklet, which includes some instructions on best use and how to take care of your precious new cans.

I opened up the travel case, which seemed to be of very high quality, equipped with a double zipper, and velcro compartment inside. My case was a nice light brown with beige accents, the other Momentum color variations most likely come with different colored cases as well. The headphones were sitting snug in their molded indenture, and the velcro compartment held the accessories, such as the extra straight cable, and plug adapter.

Exploring the Momentums

These full size momentums are significantly larger then the on ear version, more so in the ear-cups. The ear-cups are definitely true to size, when they say “around the ear”, as they did not touch my ear at all but did cup very well around them, wresting on my head, leaving very limited pressure on my ears. Sennheiser takes quality as a priority in their products, this is no joke to them, and it’s very apparent in both Momentum models.

These around the ear Momentums have a nearly identical build quality and functional design to the smaller version. Both of them rocking stainless steel headbands, easy slide ear-pieces, and removable cables that are lockable with trackunboxing, sound quality and comfort! and volume control integration. But, There are some minor differences. My smaller on ear momentums had very soft suede on the ear-cups, and the headband, but these around ear momentums have a very soft authentic leather for both the cups and the headband. Also, one other very minor but cool difference on these around ear’s is the pivotal 3.5mm jack, that is not found on the smaller version. The pivoting piece is a hefty little stainless steel piece that allows you to angle your playing device for comfort, weather you have your smart phone in your pocket or in your backpack, you can angle it to your liking. Of course, the main difference in the two is size, with the around ear model being significantly larger.


The comfort on these full size Momentums is great, but I’m not going to vouch for them saying they are the most comfortable I’ve ever used. Comfort is also a very personal thing, what might be comfortable for me may not be for you, head size and shape also plays a factor in this. Even though these are full size, I think I may have preferred the comfort on the smaller on-ear’s.

What these have going for them are the large, soft, very well padded ear-cups. I also like the tight fitting headband, but the upper padding is lacking a little bit, I may have noticed this more because of the heavier, larger ear-pieces. They are still very comfortable and suitable for long-term use.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is absolutely amazing on these, and is recognized by audiophiles as being some of the best sound in the $300 – $400 price range. Don’t expect these headphones to have massive thumping bass, or stringent wispy highs. What you will get is balanced, natural sound, with accurate sound reproduction on high quality tracks, such as flac. The mids are definitely the strongest point in terms of audio quality that these around ear momentums provide, throw in a mini headphone amp, or dac, and you will be flying to the moon and back! The highs are also great, but subtle enough to not over ride accurate reproduction, nor do they pierce at all.

One of the strongest points of these Momentums is their noise-isolating capabilities, which happen to be one of the strongest I have encountered in an around ear style, I would rate them at 75% to 80% noise cancelling. This isolating effect takes advantage of the powerful neodymium 40mm drivers, and allows you to zone into your music and relax in tranquility.

If your looking for something in the mid audiophile price range you can’t go wrong with these!