Rock Jaw Arcana V2 In Ear Headphones Review



My love for British made headphones continues. You may have read my review’s on the UK made RHA ma750i and ma450i, and realized that I really like them. I just had the chance to test and review a pair of headphones from another British company, called Rock Jaw. The model they sent out to me is called the Arcana V2. Rock Jaw specifically states that they put their headphones through rigorous testing, tweaking, and re-tweaking, to get the product just right for those who love music as much as they do.

Rock Jaw is a smaller company, but the heart and passion they put into their audiophile headphones is immense. Most of the guys at this company are arcana v2 photomusicians, and really know the value in having a properly tuned pair of headphones while also keeping them quite affordable. Lets dive in and take a look at some of the specifics coming from the mid range model Arcana V2.

Arcana V2 Build

As you may have noticed by some of the photos, these little in-ear styled monitors are actually built with a wood housing, and capped off with a nice chrome finished metal. The wood is very nicely finished, and the model I have has a dark cherry color to it, with the Rock Jaw logo engraved onto both buds. The style is unprecedented for a pair of in-ear headphones in this price range.

The ear buds are barrel shaped which is quite cool, and most in-ears I have seen kind of taper off to one end or the other. The over all uniqueness factor of this model is huge, while also staying low profile and neat looking. One thing that does concern me is the durability of this kind of build, especially compared to the RHA 450i’s which are a dense plastic and metal combination.

The anti-tangle cable is one feature that really jumped out to me as brilliant. The cable is nice and short making is excellent for on the go city use. It’s also very strong, and looks really neat with its braided weave style. The anti-tangle feature of the cable is the best I have come across in pretty much all of the headphones I have ever reviewed, and definitely beats the “flat” anti-tangle cable that Monster uses. I literally tossed the Arcana into my pocket while on the go multiple times, when reaching back in to re-use them they were 100% untangled every single time!

One thing that did get in the way at times was the square shaped microphone placed high up on the cable. The edges are fairly brisk on this little piece and it occasionally got caught on my jacket’s collar, resulting in one of the ear-buds being pulled out of my ear. This could have easily been avoided by rounding off or sliming the mic piece.


The over all comfort and long term use with these headphones is excellent, and you will find yourself using these for extended periods of time without even cable photorealizing. The wood encasing and over all build makes them fairly light weight and hardly noticeable when snugly secured in your ears.

They of course come with a selection of 3 ear-bud tip sizes, ranging from small, medium, and large.

Sound Precision

The style of the Arcana V2 is cool, the build is good, they are comfortable, but best of all they were especially designed to produce top notch acoustic reproduction and they do this the best.

If your a musician or an audiophile, or maybe you just want to hear your music in the highest quality and not empty your bank account on a pair, then these may be your calling.

The main mission of the Arcana’s is to bring you fabulous sound. They do this by using a powerful driver that has been finely tuned and tested by a team of professionals over an extended period of time. The end result is a pair of IEM’s that blow the competition out of the water in the sound department.

You can expect perfect balance and a wide range of frequencies that accommodate a huge variety of music genres. The vocals are sharp and finely tuned to bring your ears as close as possible to the original source, the instruments sound realistic and accurate, and the bass is strong for those of you who love electronic, house, or rap music.

For a young company they have a lot to offer, and also a lot of room to grow.

You can have a look at their website and check out some of the other models they have by clicking here.