Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review


I love reviewing sport headphones, because I love sports and I love music, if your reading this review then you probably do as well. When I get the opportunity to review a brand new release of sport headphones, like these wireless Powerbeats2’s I put them through some rigorouse use and make sure to test them on all the important aspects. To be completely honest with you guys, I have never been a fan of Beats products, because the majority of the time their models feel cheap and overpriced, but in this case I am really happy with this specific model. Have a look at my review video and read further to understand why!

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Powerbeats2 Build Quality and Comfort

Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

I was surprised with the Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear headphones. I’m used to getting pretty flimsy stuff from Beats, but this model is actually very well built and has a very nice long lasting feeling to them. They are of course made a of plastic, but the plastic feels a lot more durable then most of their other products, especially their famous full size range of headphones.

I also like that Beats chose to use the “ear-hook” style for the Powerbeats2’s, they fit very snug for sports with absolutely no signs of play. The materials they chose also make these very lightweight and hardly noticeable when worn, they have a slim profile and are not bulky at all. If you compare them to other wireless headphones with Bluetooth, such as the Jabra sport AE’s, or the wireless Yurbuds, you will notice a big difference in both comfort and performance.

These Bluetotooth sport headphones are very easy to pair with your devices, with step by step voice command. These little guys are also sweat proof, and you can feel the soft rubbery skin on the outside of the buds. Although these do sport the Beats logo I think they look fairly low key and have a cool color combination.

Sound Quality and Performance

I will start off by saying that these Powerbeats2’s do keep a very similar sound print as their other models, which can be described as a full bass, and full mid tone range. What does make them stand out is the fact that they are made for sports, and most other models for sports don’t really sound all that great. These wireless sport headphones cater especially well to hip hop and rap beats, due to the frequency range chosen by Beats. They also sound pretty good with some forms of house, grunge and techno, I would advise you to look elsewhere if your strictly into rock or classical.

The in-ear style also assists with the sound quality, and does a great job at sealing out most external noise. If your looking to partake in your favourite sports or enjoy going for your routine jog and want to have some serious beats bumping, then grab a pair!