Polk Audio Hinge Headphones Review

Polk Audio Hinge Headphones Review

One of the biggest challenges in headphone design is ensuring proper fit. This might seem like a no-brainer After all, audio manufacturers have been designing headphones for mobile audio devices since the Sony Walkman. How hard can it be? Actually, any offshore or domestic manufacturer can crank out a headphone but its ease of manufacture or design doesn’t necessarily mean it is a headphone you’d want to use. The sad reality is that too many headphone manufacturers are too caught up in the ‘cool’ factor of a great form, sleek design, or too fixated on the technical qualities of the sound output of their headphones. While this is all well and good, user comfort shouldn’t be compromised. Sadly, this is the case with many headphone models on the market. It’s one thing to listen to great sound quality. It’s another to have your ears hurt or suffer some discomfort trying to enjoy such great sound quality. Making sure headphones fit users’ heads properly is crucial. Thankfully, this lesson hasn’t been lost on the Polk Audio Hinge Headphones.

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Hinge Overview & First Impressions

Put simply, Polk Audio Hinge Headphones are all about delivering great audio in a very comfortable form that also looks great. This might seem like a very tall order for a headphone that comes in at less than $200 but theaudio hinge side profile photo Polk Audio Hinge Headphones definitely manages to deliver great sound in a very comfortable form. How does it do this? The whole unit is designed from the ground up to maximize users’ comfort. We’re talking about a lightweight aluminum frame, pivoting ear pads, and extra padding on the headphones top and bottom parts. Considering how comfortable Polk Audio Hinge Headphones are, you’d be tempted to ask why haven’t other manufacturers thought about putting together a similar design in the past. Regardless, Polk Audio is on the case, and this model makes listening to your favorite songs much more enjoyable and fulfilling.


This Polk Audio model uses the ‘POET’ system (Polk Optimized Electro-acoustic Tuning). POET refines sound quality to produce a very immersive listening ambiance. This technology balances all sound factors while the ear pads’ design reduces outside sound. Overall, this results in a sound experience and quality that lets you really get into whatever you’re listening to. As an added bonus, users also get a three-button control system.

Polk Audio Hinge Sound Quality

This unit’s POET system helps the Hinge deliver the ‘immersion’ in the phrase ‘immersive audio.’ Seriously. Why? You get auto-balanced sound delivered though a unit that molds well with your ears and head shape. The form factor and design reduce outside sound while the sound acoustics deliver crisp, high quality audio. Polk apparently gets one central point in headphone design: sound quality depends as much on electronics as form factor

Hinge Headphones Form Factor

The big challenge to headphone comfort is that most headphone models tend to fit users’ heads with a ‘one size fits all’ strategy. Polk Audio Hinge Headphones conforms to each individual user’s head shape and this is precisely why this model delivers topnotch comfort. Just as importantly, it is able to deliver such great comfort while looking sleek, modern, and awesome.

If you are serious about your listening comfort as much as you’re serious about sound quality, this Polk Audio product is for you. With over 40 years of producing high quality audio products under its belt, Polk definitely demonstrates with The Hinge why it is one of the most respected names in the audio device industry. Solid product.