Plugged Inc. – Crown Series Martian Headphones Review


Crown Series Martian Over-Ear Headphones

Its possible that you have never herd of the headphones company “Plugged Inc.”, thats because they are brand new to the market, and the Crown Series is one of their very first line of headphones. This Crown Series model comes in 2 color variations, Martian, and True Blue. I happen to have the Martian color here, its quite the unique, high profile look, with a very colorful pattern. This is my first review on a pair of Plugged Inc. headphones. I kind of feel they have some improving to do, but for a first product launch they are pretty cool. lets a look at some of the details bellow.

Plugged Inc. - Crown Series Martian Headphones Review

Build & Comfort

The build on these headphones really reminded me of the Beats by Dre. They seem to have a very similar construction quality, and the shape is also very close to the Beats Solo HD’s. These Plugged Inc. Crown Series headphones are mainly an all plastic construction, with the exception of the metal reinforced headband extension. This build makes them very similar to the beats also in terms of headband flexibly, feeling of the fit, and over all durability of these headphones. The ear-cups on the Crown Series are very nice and soft, the padding is sufficient, and they are wrapped in real leather!

The removable cable on the Crown Series Martian headphones is also quite well built. The cable is anti-tangle and is equipped with iPhone mobile integration, volume control, pause/play, and a microphone. Its too bad that Plugged Inc. did not include a spare cable incase this one gets lost or broken, and they seemed to have forgotten to provide a carrying case as well. Plugged Inc. does state that the finishing on these Crown Series headphones is anti-scratch, and can stand up to a lot of abuse.

I found these headphones to be quite comfortable. Although the headband sometimes slipped off the top of my head when I leaned forward, I would have liked to have seen a tighter fitting headband.

Audio Range

The sound on these headphones is descent. They have incorporated something unique, called a duel driver system. Instead of having one driver per ear, they have 2. One of the drivers is 40mm and the other 15mm, per ear. This is suppose to make the sound more balanced and of a higher quality. The sound to me was nice, but I think they could do with a bass boost.

The mids and the highs were very clear and crisp. I also would have liked to have seen an over-all increase in sound power from these Plugged Inc. – Crown Series headphones, as I had to increase the volume past 3/4 of the way to get to my desired liking. These would make a good entry level, or backup pair of headphones.