Pioneer SE-A1000 Over-Ear Stereo Headphones Review

Pioneer SE-A1000 Over-Ear Stereo Headphones Review

The Pioneer SE-A1000 over the ear stereo headphones is unique in its design in that the headband part has two plastic, hard half rings from which hangs a soft band made of cloth. This cloth band lays against the head, while the rings go around it. It has large, round and textured plastic ear cups that are connected to this band of cloth, and the ear pieces can be moved backwards and forwards. Plus the ear pieces are padded and help to give the headphones great audio quality as well as great comfort.

The Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones features a six meter long cord with a fibrous weave, which has a metal spring as a cord guard at the very end of it. The plug is threaded, which means it would fit into a threaded style of port.

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Pioneer SE-A1000 is durable and strong

The Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones is made well, and is durable and strong. As stated earlier, the cord is protected by a fibrous weave of cloth, and the ear pieces are securely fastened to the headband. It has some pretty big ear-pieces, which could look a little odd if you wore them around the neighborhood, but that’s because they are actually made to be used in a home theater setting. This is also why the cord is so long, since about 20 feet in length would be too long if it were to be used for regular listening functions. Instead, you will be able to move around well while working in your home theater setting if desired.

Frequency Response, Volume of the Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones

The Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones works with a left and right channel. It is capable of boosting the bass sounds somewhat, and can do this a little more than it can with the middle tones. Plus, pitches are inclined to be understated. Generally, though, this set of headphones works pretty well for most needs. However, some users found some distortion of around two percent on some of the bass frequencies, and a slight peek in the right channel with the higher notes in the mid ranges.

The headphones has fairly steady tracking when considering the lower and middle frequencies, but the left channel sometimes was too loud for some users. For volume, testers got the headphones up to a 110.39 sound pressure level prior to reaching the distortion level of three percent. However, this is good because users shouldn’t go above 120, as that is known to damage the hearing.

One thing to note is that the Pioneer SE-A1000 headphones are not built to be noise blocking, so if you are looking for that feature you need to buy a different style of headphones. In fact, users found that if they were wearing these headphones and listening to something at about 78 sound pressure level, then the person sitting next to them could actually hear their music. This could be a problem for users, as it could annoy people around them, so they aren’t very good for wearing on a bus on your way to work.