Philips SHQ4200 ActionFit Sports Neckband Headphones Review

Philips SHQ4200 ActionFit Sports Neckband Headphones Review

The SHQ4200 Behind the Neck In-Ear’s

Hey guys, thanks for joining me over here on my website. You may have already seen my review video on the Philips SHQ4200 ActionFit Sports Neckband Headphones. If not, I will add the video in this post just bellow. Philips has come out with a few neat low budget headphones in the last couple of weeks. Both of which I’m quite impressed with, one is the Philips SHQ4200 ActionFit Sports Neckband Headphones, and the other is the Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth On-Ear Headset. Philips seems to have decided to add some extra value to these headphones, while keeping the prices relatively low. Il explain further, some of the features, and what I think about the SHQ4200’s.

My First Impressions & Thoughts

The SHQ4200’s come in a bright orange color so that they are noticeable while jogging, similar to most sports headphones. They are mainly an all plastic construction, although they feel tough and rigid. The Philips SHQ4200 ActionFit Headphones have a very snug and comfortable fit, this is one area I am quite impressed with. The neckband is made of a strong plastic and is formed somewhat narrow, so you have to stretch them open to put them on, I really liked this as they felt very secure when jogging.

The inside of the neckband which is closest to your ears has a nice grippy and textured rubber adding to the stability during sports and jogging. The in-ear pieces were nice and medium sized, and fit very well in my ears (comes with multiple tip sizes). The cable on these cool little headphones is also nice and short, making them hassle free when jogging, Philips really nailed the SHQ4200’s perfectly. These ActionFit Sport Headphones are also rain and sweat resistant!

ActionFit Headphones Audio Quality

You might be wondering, “but is the audio any good!?”. And yes, the audio is really nice. I was expecting something a little bit grainy, or maybe too pitchy on the treble, but the Philips SHQ4200 ActionFit Sports Neckband Headphones exceed my expectations in the audio department as well. Although one thing bothered me, which was the neckband sending unwanted vibrations up into the ear-pieces when rubbing on clothing, or banging on the back of my neck. This slight banging/rubbing coming off the neckband did interfere slightly with my music. Besides that, the audio quality is fantastic, with nice deep bass, and they are also noise-canceling.

I’m overall very happy with the SHQ4200’s, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good pair of sport headphones on a tight budget.