Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth On-Ear Headset Review

Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth On-Ear Headset Review

Quality & Fun on a Budget

Im very impressed with these Bluetooth Headphones. I had originally thought the Sony DR-BTN200’s to be very light weight and low profile, but the Philips SHB4000 Headset has now taken its place in my book! The Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth On-Ear Headset has a very minimalist style. They are very small in size, the functional buttons are hardly noticeable, and they pretty much look like a classic pair of headphones, but without the wires. Philips has also priced these very low, making them affordable to the smallest of budgets.

Philips SHB4000 Construction And Features

The Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth On-Ear Headset is mainly an all plastic construction, the finish is shiny, and is available is either black or white. The headband is very thin on these headphones, allowing for a very light weight design and comfortable fit, the headband also adjusts in size. The earpieces are nice and large, they are well cushioned, and also wrapped in a soft leatherette material. The left earpiece has the buttons for powering on the headset as well as volume control, and a mic for hands free mobile phone usage.

I really like the build and style of these headphones, although they may not stand up to the wear and tear of other more expensive bluetooth headsets. At least at this price range you don’t have to worry too much if you break them anyways, because of the great price tag. The Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth On-Ear Headset is an ideal pair for at home usage or even extensive outdoor use, they are great for commutes to work or school, and even some light sports like biking and skateboarding.

Audio Quality and OverView

Over all, I’m very impressed with these headphones. Not only are they well built, but they also produce great sound. The 32mm neodymium drivers produce clear, crisp and natural sound. It would be very hard to tell between these wireless headphones and a wired pair. The Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth On-Ear Headset is an exciting little model that has just been released before Christmas, and I’m sure we will hear many great things about them from other users as well.

If your looking for a simple, low profile, and easy to use bluetooth headset on a tight budget, then look no further then the Philips SHB4000 Bluetooth On-Ear Headset. For more personal reviews and best price, click on the product link bellow.

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    hola tengo un celular motorola (moto g) 4g xt-1045 pero el celular no lo lee al auricular philips que se nesesita una configuracion o me a venido fallado este auricular se supone que deberia de leer todo tipo de celular si no tendria que poner especificaciones al momento de comprarlo igual sucede con el celular ares de la marca huawei de nextel por mas que este prendido el bluetooth

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