Noontec Hammo Stereo Headphones Review

Noontec Hammo Stereo Headphones Review

The Advanced Acoustic Technique Noontec Hammo

Here is a pair of headphones that I had never herd of, that is until a fellow visitor informed me about them. The headphones are called Noontec Hammo Stereo, and at first look they kind of reminded me of both the Beats and Monster headphones. These are a great alternative to the more expensive headphone models, such as the V-Moda Crossfade LP, Beats Studio, and Monster NCredible NPulse. The Noontec Hammo’s come in a good variety of colors as well, including black, blue, red, and white. The Hammo also comes with a hard shell oval carrying case, which is black and white striped, it also includes a mini pocket for the cable.

Hammo Build

The construction of these headphone is not as high quality as I was expecting. They are mainly an all plastic construction, but the headband maintains a good tight flexibility to it, and it does seem thicker then on the Beats Studios. Noontec has also implemented something called “memory to scale”, it sounds kind of advanced and interesting, but it’s just a numbered and grooved scale on the side of the headband to keep track of your favourite sizes.  I am not overly impressed with the materials they have used to build these headphones, but I do like the style of them.

I’m actually quite happy with the way Noontec has designed the ear-cups, allowing them to tilt, and having them built on a permanent angle. The ear-pieces can be adjusted up/down and side to side, which I think is great, as many of us need a custom fit. The Noontec Hammo stereo headphones are also foldable, you can fold the ear-pieces inwards for easy transportation.

The cable on the Hammo headphones is anti-tangle, and we all know how much of a time saver this can be. The cable is flat, and surprisingly strong.

Comfort of The Hammo

These headphones are extremely comfortable! As I had mentioned earlier, the Hammo can almost be considered a blend between a few very successful headphone models, which seems to have created a very comfortable fitting style. The headband has a dense rubber padding at the top, which is nice and soft, but also provides a great anti-slip grip, so the headphone play is very minimal even when moving around.

One thing which would make them even more comfortable would have been a lighter weight, I would consider them medium in weight. The ear-cups are extra thick, and the padding really makes these Noontec headphones a great pleasure to wear.

Hammo Sound Performance

The sound on the Hammo is phenomenal, especially for a pair of over-ear stereo headphones in this price range. The sound of these headphones is extremely well balanced, and they have huge 50mm drivers! The sound of headphones is definitely one of the most important aspects, and the Hammo provides an amazingly realistic audio experience. The Bass is strong with no distortion at all, while the treble is sharp and clear, the mids could use some work but they were still descent.

Over all I do have to say I’m pleasantly surprised with these relatively unknown headphones. In my opinion they are better then the Beats Studios, which cost more. Although these headphones may not suit everyones needs, they are still worth a close hard look. For more personal reviews and best price click on the product link below.