Most Expensive Headphones On Amazon 2014


I’ve received many questions to the tune of, “what are the most expensive headphones on Amazon 2014?”, and to be honest I’ve been curious myself. We all know that Amazon generally has the best prices online for many products, including high end headphones, so chances are that all these expensive headphones are at the cheapest you can find them. Just because these headphones are the most expensive for 2014, does not mean that they are the best performing for your needs, as you still need to find a pair of headphones that will cater to your personal use the best.

But in any case, wether your just curious like me, or you want to buy the best most expensive pair of headphones available, here is my list of the most expensive headphones on Amazon for 2014.

Most Expensive Headphones On Amazon 2014

#1 Denon AH-D5000 Reference Headphones

And here you have them, the Denon AH-D5000 takes first place on Amazon! These headphones look crazy, and are selling at $2000.00. They are an all metal and wood construction, specifically built with a magnesium frame and mahogany wood. You can’t really get more prestigious then this, that is unless you want to go Lil Wayne style and build a custom pair with gold and diamonds. As you can imagine for this price, the sound quality is also as advanced as it gets. Denon has created a full bodied audio experience, using custom sound wave technology. And apparently, judging by customer reviews, these headphones are also ridiculously comfortable.

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amazon has some of the best prices 2014

#2 Grado PS1000 Professional Series Stereo Headphones

Its possible that you have herd of these headphones before, they are quite popular among audiophiles. They are also the type of headphone that you either really love, or really hate, due to their very unique look and fitting style. Despite their strange design, the sound on these will most likely be some of the best quality you have ever herd coming from a set of cans. The materials used in these cans are also top of the line, just like the AH-D5000. Grado states in the product description that these are their best headphones to date, and that they have combined all of the best features from their entire headphone line and implemented them into this PS1000 model.

grabbing 3rd position most expensive headphones

#3 Sennheiser HD800 Over-Ear Circum-Aural Dynamic Premiere Headphones

We have Sennheiser down here in third place, they may be third place in terms of price, but they could very well perform just as good as the number 1 and 2 most expensive headphones on Amazon. As stated by Sennheiser themselves, these headphones started with a dream, to create a pair of high-end cans that re-produce sound so precisely that you would think your listening to the live source. I wont go into too much detail here, but these headphones have some very technical build features that have pushed sound technology to the limits. The sound experience is apparently very natural and realistic, and many people who have bought these from Amazon have no complaints, only praise.

T5P is a great choice for a buy on amazon

#4 Beyerdynamic T5p Tesla Audiophile Portable and Home Audio Stereo Headphones

Here we have a true audiophile pair of headphones, grabbing 4th place, for the most expensive headphones on Amazon. Beyerdynamic is glorified by many audio enthusiasts, and thats for good reasons. Beyerdynamic has implemented something called Tesla technology, which is actually developed by them. These king cans work exceptionally well with small portable devices due to this Tesla transducer technology, the drivers will be used to their full capacity even with small devices like iPhones and mp3 players. The T5p is also extremely noise-cancelling, making these a great choice if you want the best listening experience in public places.

hifiman is an audiophiles dream but they are very expensive

#5 HiFiMan – HE-6 Headphones

This is a pair of unreal sound experience headphones, loved by sound experts worldwide. The HE-6 offers unbelievable performance in almost all aspects, including build quality, sound, and comfort. These headphones produce such amazing sound that they will most likely require a mini amp to get the best out of them, they may even require an extra high powered amp. The sound is very well balanced on these headphones, and is also described as “lifelike”, a lot of the buyers of these headphones praise the amazingly powerful bass they provide. Congratulation to HiFiMan for grabing 5th place for the most expensive headphones on Amazon 2014.