Monster Nlite In-ear Headphones Review


Do these Monster Nlite in-ear headphones look familiar to you? That’s because they look almost identical to the Nergy model from Monster. The model I happened to pick up were matte black, but they also come in a few other color variations which you can view by clicking the product link at the bottom of this review.

Monster Nlite In-ear Headphones Review

Some of you may wonder why I’m reviewing a pair that is so similar to another model I have already reviewed. The answer is because I’m trying to report to you guys anything that is new on the market, no matter how small the changes may be for a specific model. Monster makes some of the best budget in-ear headphones on the market, that actually perform well and last longer than some other brands.

The box that they come in is pretty much the same as all their in-ear styled headphones, which is very easy to open and close due to its magnetic cover. The presentation is classy, and you will be faced with the Nlite as soon as you open up the box. Located just under the headphones are the accessories, consisting of multiple tip sizes, a shirt clip, and a user manual.

Build & Style

I’m impressed at the construction on these headphones, also considering that they are built to be extra light weight (which you may have guessed by the name). When I first put them in my ears they didn’t fit very well due to the tip size that was already installed, I simply swapped them out with a smaller pair that they come with and they fit perfectly.

The piece on the inside of the bud that touches your ear is metal with a nice matte paint job, pretty much the rest of the headphones are plastic. It makes for a great combination as the headphones feel sturdy but are also light weight. The over all look of the Monster Nlite’s is appealing to the eye, but most obviously not as eccentric as some other higher budget in-ear monitors like those made by the RHA company in the UK.

The cable in my opinion is great, and comes in what is best described as city length. The cable is also anti-tangle, and equipped with a nice big pause/play button and microphone for mobile calls.

Sound Reproduction

For a budget pair of in-ear monitors like this, I really can’t complain. I could really get into the details of why these may not sound as good as some high-end in-ear headphones, but it really wouldn’t matter since the price range is way higher.

The sound on these Nlite’s is enjoyable, they pick up very well on details in the mid to low range frequencies, lacking just a little bit on the highs. What I really liked about them is that they held up well in high volume situations, in which a lot of in-ear’s in this price range would have started to distort.

If you like your music loud, and if you like bass heavy tunes like rap/hip-hop, house and other varieties, then these would be a great option for you! You can click on the product link below for more personal reviews, specifications and colors.

2 thoughts on “Monster Nlite In-ear Headphones Review

  1. Dallas

    I am wondering about the length of the cord. The store was able to give me a “they’re likely long enough to reach the hip…” but the box doesn’t say and once I hope the box, if I’m not satisfied with the length of cord, I cannot return them.

    Just wondering. Thanks!

  2. Eduardo

    Es la primera vez que los voy a usar y por lo que leí de usted es que son buenos pata el rap y hip – hop así que pienso usarlos en música de tiesto y armin van Buren y algo de música trance.

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