Monster Ncredible Ntune On-Ear Headphones Review

Monster Ncredible Ntune On-Ear Headphones Review

First Look & Breakdown

If you are looking for a great pair of headphones, then look no further than the Monster Ncredible Ntune On Ear Headphones by Visions of Nick Cannon. This product came out in order to compete with the Beats version of headphones and four out of five raters on Amazon agree that it does that very well indeed.

Great Features Await Headphone Users

The Monster Ncredible Ntune On Ear Headphones are comfortable, as well as being trendy with very exceptional styling, also including a removable cable complete with ControlTalk, and great audio quality as well. Even though they may look flimsy and cheap, they are definitely not! They were found to stand up to heavy treatment and were durable, as well as being lightweight and comfy.

They may not be able to be folded, but you can still easily pull them up along the neck to place the ear pieces over your ears. Plus, the Monster Ncredible Ntune On Ear Headphones can be adjusted easily and are cushioned so as to protect your sensitive ears. It is made to fit just about any size head and to cover most ear sizes.

They come in a cool color scheme featuring red, black and grey. Plus there is a Monster logo placed onto a mechanical medallion that also features a clear plastic overlay. The Monster Ncredible Ntune On Ear Headphones have a straight cable with an L shaped audio plug that can be hooked into music players to hear the sound. A universal button controls all the components of the music, phone usage, or even voice activation. The audio quality really is second to none with its rich and strong bass sound output, these headphones do not disappoint in the audio department.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

Plus, the Monster Ncredible Ntune On Ear Headphones is compatible with popular devices like iPhone and iOS, BlackBerry, and Android. You can access the controls simply and easily in all of these devices when you use it. Best of all the sound is rated as distortion free with great details such as booming bass for all music lovers who own this device. Plus you can even take phone calls without taking off the Monster Ncredible Ntune on Ear Headphones because it can connect into your phone as well.

All in all the Monster Ncredible Ntune OnEar Headphones is a great new set of headphones that any and all music lovers should upgrade to right away. Be sure to check them out as soon as possible for the best sound system you have ever used.