Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphones Review

Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphones Review

Hook Style Headphones

Very impressive pair of sport headphones by Monster. I was not expecting such an excellent product and after opening the box and using the Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphones it was obvious to me that they have over delivered in terms of quality, performance and style. I like these sport headphones just as much as the Bose SIE2i, I am torn between the two and feel they are both amazing sport headphones. The only difference I found between the two is the style and how they fit in the ears, as the Bose SIE2i does not have the flexible around the ear band like the Monster Inspiration, It really is a matter of personal preference.

First Look & Overview

The Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphones come in either white or black and are mainly and all plastic/rubber construction with the exception of the aluminum backing sporting a cool holographic logo on each ear. They are very light weight and when secured properly around your ears they are hardly noticeable. The Monster Inspiration’s can virtually fit any ear-size/shape because of the neat wire mold-able ear pieces that can be bent to any shape allowing for a tight custom fit. The cable on these headphones is standard length, about 3.5 feet and is just fine for jogging and various sports, the cable also has track control function and a microphone for mobile phone use. One thing I would like to note as well is the huge variety of replacement ear-piece styles and sizes the Inspiration’s came with, all different sizes, some rubber and some memory foam.

And as I stated earlier, everything about these headphones was impressive, including the audio. The audio is pretty much the same quality that you would expect to find in a pair of high end non-sport in ear headphones. Since doing so many headphone reviews i have come to find that normally the audio quality is not as good in sport headphones, but the Monster Inspirations are an exception. The sound quality is rich and full all the way from low volume to high, magnifying crisp highs and nice deep lows. Overall I am very impressed with these headphones and do not have anything negative to say about them, as usually you get what you pay for, in this case you get more for what you pay for, which is rare these days. This is a great value purchase! Have a look at my review video as well that I am posting here.

Monster Inspiration Features

  • Light weight design
  • Bendable Ear Hooks
  • Control talk Universal microphone for calls
  • Compatible with Skype and most Apps

4 thoughts on “Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphones Review

  1. Big Mike

    Love the inspiration right out the Box…. Light and very clean look with no maintenance before wearing. They come with an array of ear buds for the right fit, once found your music takes you into another world. Clean highs and the bass is what you look for in an in ear device. Great for jogging!
    Don’t sleep on these!!! The are worth the buck…

  2. paul

    Over priced – I have owned many pairs of in-ears and these are the latest. Although they give you many ear buds they are all small and i cant get one to fit my ear properly therefore effecting the sound. once in place perfectly the sound is good, great mids and highs with a smooth bass sound but just the slightest movement and the bass disappears. the design is good but build quality is terrible. I use daily and after just 2 months the rubber ear wraps split half way on both meaning i have had to superglue them together. They also stopped working altogether on my sony phone as they seem, like most, to be sucking apples lolly. This is a marketing failure as 50% of the market prefer good phones and not cr-apple. I would say pay $100 for these or find something better ie shure 215’s or AKG k391nc.

    • Mat Post author

      Hi Paul, thats some great input, thanks for that. I do agree with you to a certain extent, although they fit me very well I can see how they may not fit others the same. The build is alright although not over the top, since they are pretty much all plastic. I do find the sound very nice though!

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