MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML Graphics On-Ear Headphones Review

MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML Graphics On-Ear Headphones Review

Smart. Highly Portable. Fun. These are the three terms that consistently come to the minds of music fans who are looking for great on-ear headphones that deliver crisp, clear, and truly enjoyable music regardless of where they are. Moreover, music fans expect these delivered in a sleek form and design. This is quite a tall order because on-ear headphones need lots of bass and treble technology, sound quality, and a graphics interface that shouldn’t look intimidating or confusing. If all these requirements aren’t challenging enough, the headphone manufacturer must pack all this technology and features in a tight, sleek, and good-looking format. And didn’t we say, all this has to come in a device that comes in at less than $100? Thankfully, there are quite a few headphone manufacturers that are up to the job. MEElectronics is one of them

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Atlas Carbon IML Overview & First Look

The MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML Graphics On-Ear Headphones does a great job of delivering crisp, full-bodied, clear sound in a spacious yet compact form. In case you’re wondering, this isn’t easy to do since these allatlas carbon provides great value need to be done with tight space requirements and must take the form of a device that costs less than $100. No wonder, the MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML Graphics On-Ear Headphones is prized by fans of great music with discriminating tastes in sound quality. For its price range, the MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML Graphics On-Ear Headphones manages to deliver more than the basics while managing to look quite good.


The MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML Graphics On-Ear Headphones comes equipped with a great-looking graphics interface that lets you set volume and audio elements. The exquisite design combines well with these headphones’ great charcoal finish and form. You get the best of the retro feel of this on-ear headphone, a slick modern look, and dependable audio quality and performance.

IML Graphics Sound Quality

Given the fact that this model costs less than $100, it is quite impressive and somewhat puzzling that it is able to deliver such solid sound. Usually, headphones with this level of sound quality, clarity, and body easily fetch more than $150. A lot of other models in its price range come with sleek forms like the MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML but many of them don’t match the IML’s sound quality.

Atlas Carbon IML Graphics Form Factor

A great mix of retro references and sleek modern graphics design, the MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML’s form factor is definitely worth writing home about. It looks distinctive and clearly communicates that you’re no slouch when it comes to your taste in music technology. It has a certain attitude that communicates the fun nature of listening to great music as well as the serious discriminating side of picking only top-notch audio technology for your audio enjoyment. Believe me, this is not an easy feat to pull off-especially with the on-ear retro form.

Whether you’re serious about solid, clear sound quality or you want to look great enjoying awesome music, the MEElectronics Atlas Carbon IML delivers solid value in a tight and modern form. Its graphics design truly takes it to the next level and makes this on-ear headphone one audio listening device worth writing home about. This is definitely a product you won’t confuse with any of those standard run-of-the-mill headphones flooding the market.