MartinLogan Mikros 90 Reference On-Ear Headphones Review

MartinLogan Mikros 90 Reference On-Ear Headphones Review

MartinLogan, a rare, low profile, specialist audio equipment company, has created this fantastic pair of headphones called the Mikros 90 Reference. This pair of creative, uniquely designed headphones are on-ear style, while the Mikros 70 Reference, is In-Ear. The details that have gone into the construction of these headphones are second to none, you really have to try them out to understand how cool they really are. These headphones are only available in black. The price on these headphones is also quite competitive, they were initially listed at around the $300 mark, but I happened to find them on an extreme discount at out trusty online store, at 68% off. The Mikros 90 Reference also comes with a great carrying case for travelling. Lets take a look below at some of the details and specs of these headphones, which make them quite special.

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Mikros 90 Reference Headphones Build and Features

On first look at these headphones, you will probably be quite intrigued by the full leather wrapping. Almost the entire pair of headphones are covered in a very soft high quality leather, even the back of the ear-cups! To complete the super stylish look is high polished aluminum pieces, on key areas like the ear-cup pivoting joints, and the outline of the ear-pieces. These Mikros 90 headphones are best review and info for the mikros 90 headphonesbuilt to last.

The ear-pads are extremely soft and cushiony, they are also fully replaceable, which is great incase of damage or wear and tear. The headband is really nice and simple, it is also very thick and well padded. I personally really like the feel the headband provides, as the tightness is just right for me. Since these headphones are mainly built with aluminum, they are also very light weight, and a real pleasure to wear.

The Mikros 90 headphones also include a few Apple compatible features. Volume control, microphone with voice control, and track control are included, and some features such as the remote and microphone will also work with most smart devices. The cable on these headphones is removable, the plug is your standard 3.5mm size and is also gold plated for excellent connectivity. The extension on the headband is also quite unique, as it is a high polished hollow aluminum tube that is exposed, which has to be a one of a kind in headphone innovations.

Mikros 90 Sound Performance

MartinLogan is known for something called “electrostatic speakers”, which they have also implemented in this Mikros 90 model. These electrostatic speakers provide sonic clarity, making these headphones one of the best for very detailed music listening. These are professional headphones so they are quite different compared to a pair of Monster headphones, or Beats. In terms of audio quality, the Mikros 90 caters more towards those who enjoy detailed music, and like to listen to the highs and mids of a song, rather then commercially tuned music that is usually very bass heavy.

The Mikros 90 also has excellent noise-cancellation, allowing for a great listening experience even in noisy public places. If this sounds like your style of cans, you can’t really go wrong at the current price. Click on the product link below for more personal reviews and best price.