Marshall Monitor FX Over-Ear Headphones Review

Marshall Monitor FX Over-Ear Headphones Review

First Look: Marshall Monitor FX Headphones

Marshall, the Amp company, has recently ventured into the headphone market. The Monitor FX Over-Ear Headphones is one of their new models, it is built with the same high quality standards and performance as their Amps. Marshall’s classic timeless style is quite the treat, the Monitor FX Headphones reflect this. These headphones are built to last for ages, the style is very cool, and the performance is fantastic. I will go into the details further down my review.

Have a look at my Marshall Monitor FX Over-Ear Headphones Video Review:

FX Build and Features

These headphones are built like a tank. All metal construction with a sexy, flush design. When holding or wearing the Monitor FX’s you can feel the robust quality, their are no rattling loose parts or any cheap plastic pieces. The adjustments on these headphones are very tight feeling as well, such as the headband extension and ear-cup movement. The ear-cups don’t actually pivot, but they do flip front/back for comfortable around the neck wearing.

The back of the ear-cups have a nice beaded ruberized finish to them, almost like a protective coating you would find on a high-end amplifier. The ear-cups are also very well padded and cover my ears completely, the headband is also well padded. The headband is nice and stiff, giving a very tight and snug fit. The Marshall Monitor FX are also fairly noise cancelling as well.

The cable is nice and thick, and is also coiled, making them a great pair of headphones for on-the-go use.

Sound Life

The sound on these headphones is very full and rich, the bass is huge. I would have liked to have seen a little more emphasis on the highs though. What I have not mentioned yet is the interesting little feature Marshall has implemented. If your listening to a certain type of music that you feel needs a sharper or crisper tone, you can simply pop off the magnetic ear-cups and pull out a thin piece of material covering the drivers. This in return will boost the audio power, and enhance the highs. The only con to doing this, is exposing the drivers to dirt and dust.

If your looking for a real high quality piece of equipment to add to your audio collection, the Marshall Monitor FX Over-Ear Headphones would be an excellent choice.