Margaritaville Audio MIX2-MACAW High Fidelity Earbuds Review

Margaritaville Audio MIX2-MACAW High Fidelity Earbuds Macaw Review

The Breakdown:

If you live an active lifestyle or you are constantly on the go and juggling many different things, you wouldn’t want your activities to get in the way of great music. Unfortunately, traditional over the ear or even behind the ear headphone designs really aren’t up to job of providing great music while you’re out jogging or hitting the gym. The earbud audio headphone design is built for very busy people.

With earbud headphones you can live a very active lifestyle without having to worry that your earphones/speakers will pop out. Also, you can engage in high impact activities because the ear buds are designed to stay in place. Finally, the chords of ear bud systems are light and long enough that you can work out, jog, and zip from Point A to Point B without having to hassle with cords or worry that your headphone cords will trip you up.

If you’re in the market for a great ear bud system, the Audio MIX2-Macaw definitely has your needs covered. It delivers the basic requirements of a good ear bud system and then some. Designed for maximum versatility and flexibility, this awesome looking set may just be the ear bud system you need for a hassle-free active lifestyle headphone system.

Design type Factors:

The key factors that went into the design of this Margaritaville set and all other models and brands in its category are; weight, flexibility, versatility, and sound quality. To get a clear idea of how this unit stacks up with other competing models we will use these considerations. This way we avoid comparing apples to oranges. photo of on cable controls


This in-ear headphone is made with aluminum. This says a lot. Not only do you get the sturdy durability of metal components compared to plastic or rubber units, your unit isn’t weighed down by steel or other heavier metal parts. Moreover, this unit’s design doesn’t go overboard with oversized parts unlike other models. The problem with oversized units is that whatever weight savings you got from choosing aluminum is canceled out or nearly canceled out by the large size of the unit’s parts.

Rating: 99%


One of the biggest reasons why there is even an ear bud headphone category for head phones is that people interested in this type of headphone live very active lifestyles. They want to enjoy their music while on a treadmill, an elliptical, or out running. Ear bud units must accommodate the heavy motion of such activities without getting in the way of the user. The Audio MIX2’s tangle-free cables definitely go a long way in giving wearers the flexibility they are looking for.

Rating: 95%


They come equipped with a mic and controller. You can use this unit with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other portable sound devices without any deterioration in sound quality.

Rating: 95% 

Sound Quality:

The big problem with many ear bud headphones is the high bass frequency response many of them have. It’s not unusual to feel like you’re listening to a tin can. You won’t have this problem with the Audio MIX2-Macaw. This unit has a specially-designed sound chamber that produces lower bass frequencies and produces fuller sound.

Rating: 96%

Priced at around $70, it delivers very well on all the major considerations ear bud users should focus on when picking out a new model. This unit definitely helps you enjoy a very active lifestyle without compromising your convenience.