Margaritaville Audio MIX1-BLACK Headphones Review

Margaritaville Audio MIX1-BLACK Headphones Review


Thanks to the breakout success of Beats by Dre, over the ear, fully-enclosed headphones have been all the rage recently. While previously, you would see these headphones in recording studios, libraries, or other calm indoor spaces, the popularity of this type of headphone and the rich sound it is capable of delivering has made it ubiquitous. You can find them everywhere!

It is not hard to figure out why this type and design of headphone is so popular. After all, they were inspired by Dr. Dre-the legendary hip hop impresario that demands only the very best in sound quality. If there is one key factor this category of headphone focuses on, it is this: rich bass quality. You have to remember, the pedigree of this type of headphone (at least as it is popularized now) traces back to hip hop and rap and their requirement for precise, rich, powerful bass. It’s not enough for the unit to transmit deep thumping bass, it has to deliver rich full-bodied bass so you can get a full appreciation of the music you’re listening to.

If you’re on the market for over the ear headphones, you should pay attention to the following factors that define this type of headphone: sound quality, sound isolation, ear comfort, and size. These are biggest factors the typical buyers of this type of headphone consider when are trying to decide one model over others. Based on the criteria above, the Margaritaville Audio MIX1-BLACK High Fidelity Headphones does a decent job. In fact, it does more than a decent job. It manages to deliver a solid value at a very affordable $129.95 price.

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Sound Quality:

Make no mistake about it, the MIX1-BLACK High Fidelity Headphones is no slouch when it comes to sound quality. You get rich high fidelity sound wrapped around your ear. Thanks to its great sound isolation features, it’s easy to feel thatthese isolate sound very well you are hearing the music directly. There is enough space where you can feel the rich interplay of the sound signals before they enter your ear canal. There is nothing ‘shrill’ or sharp about this unit’s sound quality.

Rating: 97%

Sound Isolation:

Next to sound quality, sound isolation is the most important factor to consider when sizing up over the ear headphone systems. The whole point of wearing this type of headphone compared to a behind the ear or ear bud system is the fact that the ear pieces block out background noise and isolate the music around your ear. Simply offering ear padding around the headphone is not enough. The key is to achieve optimal sound isolation using the right ‘chamber’ produced by the headphone padding and headphone piece.

The MIX1-BLACK does a great job of sound isolation due to the comfortable fit of its ear cups and specially designed speakers.

Rating: 97%

Ear Comfort:

What’s the point of having all this audio firepower wrapped around your ears when you are cringing in discomfort? The whole point of over the ear design is to deliver high quality sound and convenience. It should enhance your lifestyle. Thanks to its soft ear cups and efficient sound delivery design, you get a nice amount of padding with the MIX1-BLACK headphones which produces a very comfortable listening experience. It would take a much longer time to get tired of wearing this over the hear unit compared to other units that share the same product category and design.

Rating: 98% 


Let’s face it-part of the appeal of over the ear headphone systems is that they are very public. They are very obvious. They communicate to the world that you are serious about the quality of your music. Not surprisingly, when shopping for such units, you have to also look at how effectively the headphone model communicates its ‘elite sound’ credentials.

When it comes to size, the Margaritaville Audio MIX1-BLACK High Fidelity Headphones communicates loudly and clearly. It’s oversized ear pieces grab the right amount of attention without going overboard.

Overall, these Headphones deliver solid value. It more than adequately delivers on all key considerations over the ear headphones connoisseurs focus on. At $129.95, you get high fidelity quality sound delivered with maximum comfort and convenience at a great value.