Logitech Ultimate Ears UE 600vi Headphones Review

Logitech Ultimate Ears UE 600vi Headphones Review

Impressive Style

These headphones, which are used by professional musicians from around the globe are an amazing all around in-ear headset. The Logitech Ultimate Ears UE 600vi headphones do not really lack in any department, making sure to provide value in every aspect that an in-ear headphone should. These in-ear earbuds are mainly an all plastic construction with a chrome backing, nice sturdy and long cable with track control and microphone is also incorporated in the design. The Logitech Ultimate Ears UE 600vi headphones may also be better suited for rock style music then hip hop, due to the more prominent highs and softer base.

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600vi Monitor Overview

The Logitech Ultimate Ears UE 600vi headphones can go very loud, and for some reason louder then most other in-ear style headphones. The highs are crisp, rich and clear providing excellent attention to detail in your audio. I personally found the base to be somewhat diminished on these headphones, I think the reason for that is to provide more attention to the professional details of music rather then blasting out base, which in return would muffle out the important high’s. The design on these headphones is very interesting as well, the UE 600vi’s have an extended arm piece leading to the in-ear bud, allowing the chrome part in the back to stick out more, I am not sure the advantage to this although they were still very comfortable to wear and fit very well. The track control and microphone system on the cord was nice and prominent and was easy to navigate with as it is larger then most found on in-ear headphones. One thing I liked a lot about these little guys is the style, they have a cool unique look to them, especially the chrome backing, giving them a wild look when in your ears. The UE 600vi’s are geared towards the professional musician who takes pride in every single detail and note in there music.

Unique Features

  • Delivers a noise-isolating, 3D soundstage experience so real it feels live
  • Allows crisp, noise-reducing talk with an integrated microphone
  • Answers calls from accessible on-cord controls for your iPhone, BlackBerry*
  • Plays, pauses, changes tracks, and adjusts volume from on-cord controls.* (*Volume control functionality not available with BlackBerry devices)
  • Fits comfortably with five sizes (XXS-L) of soft silicone ear cushions and two pairs of Comply Foam Tips