Koss 156027 UR-10 Headphones Review

Koss 156027 UR-10 Headphones Review


This isn’t our usual type of review here at Headphonestyles.com but we thought that it may be useful for those of you who are looking for a cheaper type of headphone to replace your main set. You may be in a situation where you don’t want to use your primary headphones so as to not damage them or you may want to limit use on them, in that case we recommend the Koss 156027 UR-10 headphones. I will go through some of the main features of the Koss 156027 UR-10 headphones.

The Koss 156027 UR-10 headphones are a closed-ear style headset designed to maximize isolation and enhance audio quality. Believe it or not these headphones are also dynamic, giving a high clear frequency response. The headset also has an adjustable headband for custom fitting, and a convenient single-entry 4 foot long cord equipped with a 3.5mm plug.

When I used the Koss 156027 UR-10 headphones as a secondary set I was quite impressed considering their very cheap price tag ($10.00 – $15.00). The audio quality was nice and full and I was able to move around with reasonable room considering the cord length. The build of the headset is mainly plastic but does not feel flimsy, and the ear cups are nicely padded and felt comfortable. For the price of these headphones, your not going to find anything that is built any better. In the time that I used them, they were comfortable, and the sound was good. I did not notice any sound leakage when cupping these headphones with my hand, and that was also at full volume, with the bass thumping!

What more can you really ask for in this price range? Not many headphones can live up to these stats, and believe me I have done my research! The Koss 156027 UR-10 headphones are also sleek in style, sporting “bubble” like earcups with a smooth silver paintjob and of course the Koss logo. Other user reviews I read also state similar points in saying the Koss 156027 UR-10 is built with quality in mind.