Klipsch Image One Bluetooth On Ear Headphones Review

Klipsch Image One Bluetooth On Ear Headphones Review

One Of A Kind!

The Klipsch Image One Bluetooth headphones are definitely near the top echelon of wireless headphones along with the Denon AH-NCW500’s. These two headphones are in a competing price range and are also similar in build and audio quality. Although what stands out to me as different on the Klipsch Bluetooth on-ear’s is its ability to fold up the ear-cups, its light weight frame and very user friendly track control features on the ear-piece. The Image one’s, to my understanding also only come in this one black color as well, while the AH-NCW500’s come in a few color variations.

In terms of fit comfort they are both very comfortable to wear for long periods of time due to the very plush memory foam ear padding and near perfect contour they provide. The Klipsch Bluetooth Image One on-ear’s have a more distinct oval shape to the ears and may also be more suitable for more active use when traveling, or commuting to work in the morning, due to there light weight nature and smaller frame. So in my books the Klipsch take first place in terms of ease of use and mobility.

On the other hand, the Denon AH-NCW500’s take the first place in terms of audio quality, they really do have crystal clear audio and a full rich sound to them, you would not be able to tell between the difference of CD and the AH-NCW500’s Bluetooth sound. But don’t get me wrong in thinking the audio is not good on the Klipsch, because it is excellent, but to me it does not provide that extra boost in base and rich fullness that the AH-NCW500’s have to offer.

In conclusion to my written headphone review on the Klipsch Image One Bluetooth On Ear Headphones, they do provide excellent value for your money and have a near equal quality build to the more expensive Denon AH-NCW500’s. It is up to you to decide which pair of bluetooth headphones suit your needs the best, are you looking for practicality or high-end top notch quality.

Image One Features

  • Hi-Fi Bluetooth (A2DP + aptX ) for lossless audio quality
  • Rechargeable battery provides 10 hour continues use
  • High quality foam ear cups provide great comfort + noise isolation
  • Optional audio cable for wired connection
  • Easy use controls and mic for music and call functions

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