JVC HAS660R Headphones Review

JVC HA-S660-R Headphones Review

Headphones are an accessory that are needed for many different types of listening experiences from monitoring sounds in a studio to enjoying listening to rock music in the comfort of your living room. Today’s headphones are much better than they were in the past, and one of the best recently released types of headphones are the JVC HAS660R headphones.

Lighter weight, Foldable, and Grander Bass Sounds

The JVC HAS660R headphones are the newest addition to the company’s selection of high quality headphones. They are lighter weight with a carbon diaphragm that is an updated version of the HA-S600 series.

The JVC HAS660R headphones have the added benefit of being foldable, which makes them quite easy to pack to take on your next vacation for listening to music in your hotel room or while travelling to get to your destination.

The JVC HA-S660-R headphones have 40 mm drivers that have the ability to reproduce unusually deep and robust bass sounds due to the new and ground-breaking bass ports, all the time emphasizing the tone’s total mid-range with all the details of the voice as well.

They also are made with comfort giving memory foam ear pieces and provide excellent noise isolation so you can absence yourself from everything around you and listen to your music in perfect isolation.

Best of all, it has a stainless steel construction that will allow it to last for years to come, so you save money since you won’t be having to buy new headphones every month! And it’s available in fashionable colors of white, black, purple, and red.

General Features of the JVC HAS660R Headphones

The JVC HAS660R headphones have several other intriguing and advantageous benefits and features, including:

  • They have a full sized, over the ear style of headband and were designed to be a fashionable choice for music lovers everywhere.
  • The headband is also adjustable, thereby being able to fit the size of the wearer’s head perfectly so they will be both comfortable and not fall off.
  • They are able to reproduce sound with extremely high clarity and dynamics due to the redesign and inclusion of the bass port,, 40mm neodymium driver unit and the carbon diaphragm.
  • These headphones will work with the current versions of the iPhone 5, iPod Touch, and iPad mini, as well as most MP3 Players, and other types of Smartphone devices.
  • These headphones come with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, a one year labor warranty, and a one year parts warranty.
  • These headphones have a frequency response of between 8 and 25,000 Hz and a maximum input power of 1,000 mW.
  • The included cable is nearly four foot long and can be detached from the headphones for storage or convenience.
  • The connector for the headphones is gold-plated, so it has better connectivity than standard connectors. It has a one-quarter inch jack adaptor.
  • The weight of these headphones is very light at about seven ounces.
  • The headphones have a built-in microphone that can be used for phone calls, etc. Plus, it’s simple to adjust the volume so that neither your music nor your voice will be too low or too loud.

Headphone Quality is Vital

The bottom line is that headphones are a vital piece of equipment no matter if you are listening to music on the road or monitoring a recording in a studio. Without a set of headphones such as the JVC HA-S660-R headphones music lovers, producers, and musical artists, etc. wouldn’t be able to produce or listen to the best quality of musical sounds that headphones provide.

So, if you desire a method of being able to listen to the best quality music or produce crystal clear phone calls on your next Skype call, then you need to purchase the JVC HAS660R headphones.