JVC HAMR55X Xtreme Xplosives Headphones Review

JVC HAMR55X Xtreme Xplosives Headphones Review

With Microphone and Huge Drivers

I recently purchased the JVC HAMR55X Xtreme Xplosive headphones, they caught my attention with their unique style and large size. At first I thought they were mainly for DJ’ing but after reading the box and having a closer look at them they are actually quite suitable for regular city use as well.

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The JVC HAMR55X headphones are an over-ear style I would consider to be very large as well. Despite being large they are actually quite light and do have a nice snug fit when wearing them. Personally this would be my ideal choice as a snowboarding headphone, as they offer that “cool” style while also providing blasting bass and audio at the same time.  The ear cups fit perfectly over my ears and also block out any outside noise, or you can conveniently wear them around your neck with the volume up to blast beats with your friends.

These headphones are an all-plastic construction but still maintain a quality robust build. The headband does adjust for size and has a nice plush gel padding for added comfort. The ear cups are also generously padded creating a snug fit, and they also sport a huge 50mm dome driver allowing for excellent audio quality and ripping bass.

If you prefer a larger over the ear style headphone then in my opinion the JVC HAMR55X’s are a great choice. The only faults that I noticed which may not even bother most headphone users is the inability to remove the cable and also the length of the cable only being about 4 to 5 feet long, although it is built nice and thick so no worries on it breaking!

HAMR55X Features & Specs

  • 50mm large diaphragm neodymium driver units
  • Extreme deep bass ports deliver ripping bass sound
  • Rubber protectors for earcup protection
  • Soft earpads for outstanding noise isolation
  • Soft gel headband for wear comfort
  • 2.6mm thick and robust 3.94ft (1.2m) pure copper cable (y-type)
  • Compatible with all smartphones

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