Jabra Sport Wireless+ AE Headphones Review

Jabra Sport Wireless+ AE Headphones Review

Around the Ear Sports Headphones: Wireless+ AE

Jabra is a somewhat new company to me, when it comes to headphones. This is my first review on a pair of Jabra’s. The model I have here is the Sport Wireless+ AE. This model is designed specifically for sports, and Jabra seems to have a few olympic athletes that they’re sponsoring. The unboxing of the Sport Wireless+ AE was pleasing, and the presentation was nice. I like it when the headphones companies go out of their way to create a nice presentation. The Jabra Sport Wireless+ AE came with a zip up, mini carrying case, along with some sport ear-tips and a user manual. Lets get into the details of these headphones!

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Pros: These headphones are wireless, they are sweat proof, very comfortable to wear, nice tight fit, very light weight, not too big, cool style, easy to put on and take off, easy Bluetooth pairing.

Cons: These headphones would have been a lot better if they had better sound quality, particularly in the mids and highs.

My Experience With Them

First off, I really like the design on these sport headphones. Unlike the Denon Excercise Freaks, these Sport Wireless+ AE’s have a very flexible rubbery build, you may have witnessed me bending them in my review video. The fact that they bend so easy has a few benefits that I liked. For one, they wont break nearly as easily as a hard pair of headphones (which is excellent, considering these are for sports), and the other reason would be how easy they are to put on and take off. No need to adjust anything on the Jabra Sport Wireless+ AE’s, just bend them and pop them on your ears, simple fast and very comfortable.

These headphones have a sturdy build, you will be able to tell Jabra designed these for harsh use, such as dropping, and damp conditions. Even the cable in the back, that attaches both ears, is thick and robust. I also like how the Bluetooth is voice command, and also easy to setup.

Sound Quality

The build of these headphones is on point, but the sound is another story. The Jabra Sport Wireless+ AE Headphones sound “OK”. I would not go nearly as far as saying they sound bad, but the audio most likely, will not amaze you. The do sound a lot better with bass oriented music, like house, and rap, but gave off a weaker sound experience with rock. These guys are also not sound isolating, which is to be expected for a sports pair of headphones. So if their is anything Jabra needs to improve on, its in the sound department. But I do still really like these headphones, especially for sports use.