German Maestro GMP 160 Headphones Review

German Maestro GMP 160 Headphones Review

Classic Look Lightweight Open Stereo Headphones

These are some very cool headphones that exceeded my expectations in terms of the price paid and the value received. This is a great pair of high end headphones. The German Maestro GMP 160 Headphones have a superb durable build and are actually made in Obrigheim, Badenis Germany. It is a known thing that German products are built with quality in mind, and what is also neat about these headphones is the German European style, you wont see many people walking around with these unique imported GMP 160 headphones.

The German Maestro GMP 160 Headphones are mainly an all plastic construction. The headband is somewhat thin, but has a very nice padding at the top, making for a very comfortable long term wear. The earpieces are adjustable to fit your head size, as they slide up and down the headband. The cable on the GMP 160 is round, and are made of low oxygen copper to allow for more flexibility, there is also on cable volume control. The ear-cups are well cushioned and are oval in shape, cupping fully over your ears. German Maestro has really put a lot of thought into the the build of these headphones, allowing for a product that is high quality and something that will last a lifetime. The over all comfort when wearing the German Maestro GMP 160 Headphones is excellent, and they don’t even feel like you have anything on.

GMP 160 Specs:

  • Frequency Response 30-26400 Hz Nominal Impedance 40 Ohm
  • Acoustic Principal Semi-open
  • Average pressure on the ear 1.5N weight without cable 70g
  • Connector 3.5/6.3mm StereoJack
  • Round cable with volume control

GMP 160 Audio Quality

The level of audio quality that is produced by the GMP 160 is about that of what you would expect from something twice the price. The detail in the audio is amazing, allowing for all kinds of music to be played at its fullest potential. I personally love listening to hip-hop or house music when wearing these headphones because of the rumbling bass, but the GMP 160 can also play rock very well because of the sharp treble.

Overall I’m very pleased with these headphones. I wanted to write this review because of the bargain i feel they are, as you really wont find any headphones that perform so well in this price range. If you can handle the quirky European style, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for some high quality audio headphones.