Eskuche Control v2 KRM Headphones Review

Eskuche Control v2 KRM Headphones Review

Control v2 On Ear Headphones

Stylish, high performance, quality build, these are some of the characteristics of the Eskuche Control v2 KRM Headphones. I was surprised at the overall performance of these headphones, i was expecting a cheap feeling product, which is what you will usually find in this price range. After unboxing it was cool to see a very unique, fresh style like this. The  Eskuche Control v2 KRM Headphones have a very retro look to them, they look like a vintage pair of headphones from the 70’s, but perform like a modern $200-$300 pair of headphones.

Check out my Eskuche Control v2 KRM video review:

Small Company – Big Style

These headphones are built nice and sturdy, although not a complete metal build, the parts are strong and durable. The headband in which the ear-cups can extend on, are an all metal construction with a super cool mirror polishing. The ear-cups themselves are plastic with a chrome finishing in the centre, giving off a very complete retro look. The ear-cups are well padded and also pivot for a custom fit. The headband is lacking a little bit of padding, but the overall comfort of the Control v2 is still outstanding.

The headband is strong and springy providing a very tight fit, which also helps with its good noise cancelling properties. The cable is your standard 3.5 feet in length, it also has volume/track control and a mic for mobile use. The cable is also anti-tangle, making your life a lot easier.

v2 Sound Performance

The bass is massive on these headphones, wow! I was astonished when i first used them, now I just cant put them down. These are probably one of your best choices of headphones if your into bass heavy music, the ear-cups feel like they are thumping off your head as they rumble. The headphones are in the mid $100 range, but rival headphones in sound performance that are well above $300. The mids are also prefect on these headphones, giving off a very rich full tone. The highs are little bit diminished, but still present. The only thing I would have liked to have seen different would be a slightly stronger treble.

If your looking for a pair of closed/on-ear headphones at a bargain price, seriously, look no further. That is if you can stand the super retro look. Click on the product link below for best price.