Bose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style Review

I’ve been wowed ever since I took the Bose sound true around-ear style headphones out of the box. Bose never ceases to amaze me and many others with their highly unique and top performing audio products, wether it be a home theatre system, or a pair of high class headphones like the SoundTrue’s. When I first saw a picture of these new release cans from Bose, I honestly thought they looked exactly like the QC15’s, but upon further investigation, use, and testing, it became apparent to me that they are actually quite different, and are rocking some significant improvements compared to previous models.

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Unboxing and First Look

Unboxing a pair of Bose cans is always an enjoyable experience, and most of them are similarly packaged and presented in a very picturesque and professional manner. The box for the SoundTrue’s was sealed in a light plastic, that was easyBose SoundTrue Headphones Around-Ear Style Review to peel off, once removed all you have to do is slip the cardboard cover off, and voila you will be presented with headphone case (headphones inside), and any accessories included. In this case for the around-ear SoundTrue’s the only accessories provided was the cables and the case, along with an instruction manual. I’ve had instances in which Bose had provided a multitude of plug adapters and all kinds of extra trinkets. First thing I noticed when removing them from the case was their unbelievable featherweight feeling. I guess when I first looked at them they looked a lot heavier than they actually are, so when I pulled them out, i couldn’t believe how light weight they were. Very interesting construction indeed.

The color that I have, is the black on black, but they also come in few variations such as; mint, white, and black/mint

My Thoughts And Experience

After all this unboxing excitement, I put them on. Extreme comfort at its best is how I would describe the experience. Oval shaped ear-cups with the ability to move and pivot in many directions, combined with a light weight frame, and ultra cushioned ear-cups and headband complete the build flawlessly. The headband is very thin on the SoundTrue around-ear style headphones, but it is supported by a sturdy metal interior, and lined with a thick gel padding at the top, which stops about half way down. I love the ear-cups on this model, they are big and oval, providing a luxurious amount of room for your ears, length, width and depth wise. The ear-cups are so big and comfy that they don’t actually touch your ears at all, but sit directly on your head, thus the around-ear style. Judging from my experience with having used and reviewed hundreds of headphones, these rank in the top 10 for comfort, very close to the Sol Republic Master Tracks. The only downside to all this positivity would be the obvious fact that they are larger than most headphones, and not as easily portable. But if thats an issue for you, have a look at the On-Ear SoundTrue headphones.

SoundTrue Around-Ear Style Audio Quality

Excellent, fine tuned sound quality, is what you can expect from the Bose SoundTrue models. I would describe the experience to be almost as an enhanced sound replication, not exactly as raw as what you would normally find in a pair of audiophile headphones. The overall tone is very balanced and the frequencies are executed very precisely. I did find these Bose around-ear headphones to have a slightly augmented bass, but this was only apparent in bass heavy music, and less so in other varieties. Overall I can’t complain, as these cans offer an amazing experience at a fair price point.

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    Hello, I have Beats Solo headphones and I want to return them because of the nasty sound leakage at around 40%-50% volume. Do these headphones leak as much sound around that volume level? Thanks

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