Bose Freestyle Earbuds Ice Blue Review

First Thoughts & Overview

These headphones are quite beautiful, the design factor is really top notch on these ice blue Freestyle headphones from Bose. The shape is very similar to the MIE2i and the QC20i, so much so that the main distinguishing factor is the new Limited Edition colors.

Bose Freestyle Limited Edition Earbuds Ice Blue Review The ice blue model that I have has a wild “wow” factor in terms of the detailed coloring, which is a beautiful off white combined with a vibrant sky blue. The left and right buds are different from each other, with opposite color patterns of speckled sky blue and off white.

Further down the cable you will find the hot red track and volume control, which is also equipped with a microphone, and a little clip to stabilize the Freestyle’s to your shirt. Adding to the sporty retro look of these earbuds is the candy caned cable, which also matches the color pattern of the buds themselves. The overall build quality of these headphones is fantastic, and on first impression you can tell they are built to last for a long time.

Some areas of quality include the tough plastic encasing of the earbuds, the dense and thick feeling cable, and the 3.5mm plug that feels sturdy and also labeled with the Bose logo. The plug is also gold plated to ensure a quality non fading connection to your devices, and if you look closely enough you will notice the tiny rivets that match the hot red color of the in-line control, microphone, and clip.

The Freestyles also come with a few accessories, including a sweet zip up carrying case that matches the same colors as the buds, and a few rubber tips in varying sizes.

Wearing Them

Actually wearing these headphones is very enjoyable, the overall high level of comfort is rarely found in a pair of in-ear headphones like these, I would personally rate them as being in the top 3 most comfortable in-ear earbuds for their price range. I think one of the biggest contributing factors to their comfort is Bose’s specially designed wing tips, known as “StayHear”, combined with the ultra soft and gel like rubber.

These StayHear tips really allow for a comfortable and secure fit, what they seem to do is fit inside the ear creating a spring pressure keeping them in place. If you use the clip and clip them to your shirt you will notice an added stability, but I did have to adjust the length of the cable to avoid the buds being pulled out of my ears when moving my head.

Sound Quality

The sound is what you would expect coming from Bose, to be honest I don’t ever notice a huge difference between their models, in terms of sound frequency and detail, but that’s kind of a good thing considering they all sound astounding. If your not familiar with Bose audio products, they generally have a very full and rich sound to them, they are heavy on the bass, but seem to make up for it with equally accentuated mids and highs.

The Freestyle Earbuds have a perfect sound range for a huge variety of music, and I think thats why so many people like them. You can buzz through your playlist expecting only some of the finest sound available on the market.