B&O Play Bang & Olufsen Earset 3i Headphones Review

B&O Play Bang & Olufsen Earset 3i Headphones Review

B&O Play Ear Hook Style 3i

This is my second pair of Bang & Olufsen headphones I’ve had the pleasure to use, and then make a review. The other pair i reviewed was the Beoplay H6. Both pairs of headphones are highly unique in build, and also perform like no other pair in their price range. The Bang & Olufsen Earset 3i headphones have an alien like style, which I love. These headphones are designed in Denmark but made in China. Oh how I wish B&O would start manufacturing these in Europe, we could all dream about how much cooler they would be. Lets take a look at some of the specifics below.

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Construction & Comfort

These headphones are an ear-bud and ear-hook style combined, usually an ear-hook pair of headphones will be accompanied by an in-ear style bud, but not these. What is also unique about these is the ear-hook itself. On most pairs of ear-hook headphones, the hook is mouldable for a custom fit, but on the B&O Earset 3i it’s solid aluminum. This makes them really cool, but also enables them to be very light weight. The ear-hook is wrapped with a thin layer of grippy rubber, so no sliding is involved when you wear them. The pivoting on the ear-hook is very smooth, as well the movement on the ear-bud, and the stem extension.

Bang & Olufsen found a way to make this Earset 3i super unique but also unbelievably comfortable to wear. When i first put them on, I was kind of on the fence for about a minute, but quickly fell in love with the feel of them being on. They feel very solid when on, no movement whatsoever.

The only thing that bothered me a little bit, was the cable on these guys. The the top quarter of the cable leading up to the actual ear-pieces is very thin. I would have liked to have seen a more robust cable on a pair of headphones in this price range. The cable does include track and volume control, and is also nice and short making them ideal for on-the-go use.

Music Used

I usually use a wide range of music when I test out headphones. On this particular pair I listened to Rap, House, Techno, Rock, Jazz, and Blues.


If I had to classify my entire sound experience with the Earset 3i into one word, I would say “natural”. The sound from the B&O earbuds is very organic, meaning they dont artificially pump fake bass like you expect in a pair of beats by dre. Bang & Olufsen are sound freaks, and this clearly shows in their products. The sound is extremely clear and realistic, making one feel very immersed in their music. I really enjoy the sound and overall experience with these headphones. Although, I would recommend the Earset 3i to people who are more into vocal/instrumental types of music, more along the lines of Rock, Jazz, and Blues. The bass is good on these headphones, but their just not the type to make Rap or House music pop to their full potential.

The B&O excelles when it comes to its mids, and highs. These headphones are also not noise-canceling, at all. Which I kind of liked, and felt suited these headphones very well. Great pair for commuting to work, or wearing at work/school, as you can hear your surroundings easily.

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  1. Manu

    I just bought one earset bang&olufsen 3i. When I opened the box I realised that it was a very old box, mentioning compatibility with iPhone 4(!) The manual is version 1.0.
    EARSET 3i 1108426 type No 1084. 5705260042221.
    I imagine that there is a new version (I have iPhone 6plus) but I do not know how to find the code of the updated product. Could you please help me? I am planning to ask for replacement of the product I bought. What would you suggest me to do?
    Thank you for an answer

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