BlueAnt Pump Wireless HD Sportbuds Review

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First Look and Unboxing

When I first laid eyes on the BluAnt Pump Wireless HD’s I was actually quite shocked to see such a unique style and color blend, it was a very refreshing feeling compared to all the generic headphone styles out there. The box that they come in is nice and small, but you could tell some thought went into the packaging, you can pop open the magnetic window and have a clear look at the Sportbuds first hand before you buy them.

The color that I have is blue on a slightly faded black, or you could say very dark grey. The Pumps also come in an all blue, and “green ice” variation, which is pretty much a bright green on a clear plastic encasing. BlueAnt has definitely gone the extra mile to think outside of the box on these little sport buds, and I think they did a great job on the styling.

BlueAnt Pump Wireless HD Sportbuds Review

BlueAnt Pump Build and Comfort

These earbuds have some great features going for them, for one they are of course wireless, but these are also designed specifically for sports, so BluAnt has decided to make them “waterproof”, which I consider to be just water/sweat resistant. I have not yet fully dunked these in water to test them, but I have jogged with them and can say that they work great in terms of sweat resistance.

The Bluetooth technology is great on these as well, which goes for most Bluetooth headphones these days. Very easy to pair and set up, just remember to have your smart phone on discoverable mode. The connection was seamless with no noticed interference, and the range was descent as well.

The comfort on these bad boys is really nice, they have a great ergonomic earbud fit, along with a beautifully flexible rubber body to bud connection. The body of these BlueAnt Pump Wireless HD Sportbuds has a soft velvety texture to them, making the overall build elegant and durable.

One thing I do have to note for you is the size of these sport buds, which is significantly bulkier then some of your other choices out there. These may not be the ideal pair for you if you like something agile suited for fast powerful movement, such as sprints of jumps. If you want something a little lighter or smaller have a look at the Jaybird Bluebuds X, or the Jabra Sport Wireless+ AE.

Sound Performance

I’l say it right off the bat, the BlueAnt Pump Sportbuds could potentially be one of the best sounding wireless sportbuds I have personally used. The audio is full sounding for once! Excellent mids, deep lows, and balanced highs are what you can expect with these new release BlueAnts.

One thing to note, these headphones are also very noise-cancelling, unlike many sport headphones which allow you to hear your surroundings during your exuberant activities. This can be good or bad, but really depends on personal preference.

I was very pleased with the overall experience that these in-ear headphones provide, and I feel that they have carved themselves a great little place in the headphone market due to this specific model. You can click on the product link below for the best price on Amazon.