Best Sounding Headphones 2014

Around Christmas of 2013 I had created a video (which you can view above) of my top 4 favourite headphones for music and sound quality, since then I’ve come across a few more headphones that I think deserve a spot on my top 5 for best sounding headphones. Keep in mind these headphone are mainly in the mid price range, generally under $400. If we were to venture into the $500 and up selection we would most likely find some even better sounding headphones. So lets take a look at some of the best sounding headphones of 2014, under $400, all of which I have personally tested and used myself. You can click the photos, and the links at the bottom of each excerpt to view my full reviews on each pair.

Best Sounding Headphones

#1 Audio Technica ATH-M50x

These are a very popular pair of headphones, but for very good reason. If I were to describe the sound quality in one word, it would be euphoric. Pop on your favourite song and kick back for quite the enjoyable experience, even a song you have herd many times before will sound different with these headphones. These headphones do not miss or down play any frequency range, so you get an extremely realistic soundstage. The sound quality combined with the reasonable price tag make these my number one choice for best sounding headphones under 400, without hesitation. Many people who have bought these swear by them, and most buyers are musicians and audiophiles.

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2014 is a good year for best sounding headphones!

#2 Sol Republic Master Tracks

These headphones are very versatile, they are practically indestructible, can be fully disassembled, and also take my number 2 spot for best sounding headphones! If you don’t already know about these headphones they are an over ear style, with plenty of room in the ear-cups. The sound is incredible, although they have a slightly exaggerated bass, they are one of my go to headphones for hip-hop and house music. These stylish headphones are rocking 40mm drivers in each ear that have been finely tuned to perform at their full potential, but are also strong enough to support a mini headphone amp if more power is needed.

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british sound is excellent and high quality

#3 RHA MA750i 

Heres an in-ear style pair of headphones, one that has knocked me off my feet with it’s fabulous sound quality. These headphones are made by a British company that is known for producing only the best of the best when it come to audio products. Since these are in-ear and also come with a large selection of tips, they are also very noise-cancelling, allowing you to take advantage of its finely tuned  drivers, and precise tonal frequencies. Without a doubt, these are one of my favourite pair of in-ear style headphones for sound quality, among other factors such as its all metal build and superb fitting design.

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very popular best sounding headphones

#4 Bowers & Wilkins P7

Slightly more expensive then the rest, we have the B&W P7, they are also quite known, and have smaller on-ear versions as well called the P3, and P5, as well as some in-ear varieties. I have tried a few of them, and I definitely vouch for the P7 sounding the best, which makes sense considering it’s the most expensive and also sports the largest drivers. The sound on these is very full and rich, very different compared to the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x, which has more of a background feel to it. The sound from these P7’s is very upfront and powerful, they do not lie! Not only do these make the best sounding headphones under 400 for 2014 list, but they also have supreme build quality and style.

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german style and top sound experience

#5 Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear

Heres another pair that fits right into our price bracket, they are slightly less expensive then the P7, but offer a very similar experience, if not better, depending on your personal style. The first thing that I noticed when I used these headphones was the substantial power. Using these headphones no more then half way cranked up was sufficient for me, the audio is also pleasantly rich, you will not get bored listening to your music from these headphones. That caps my list of best sounding headphones for 2014!

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