Best In Ear Headphones Under 50

Best In Ear Headphones Under 50

If your looking for the best in ear headphones under 50, you will have the most luck shopping online. You should be able to generally find quality in ear headphones in the $25-$50 range that have the performance of headphones that are significantly more expensive.

Finding in ear headphones under 50 is actually the sweet spot in terms of getting something quite cheap but also maintaining a descent amount of quality. I personally find the prices in retail stores to be absurdly inflated, so I buy most of my headphones online, you may be quite surprised at some of the bargains you can find online in the U.S.A.


wireless Bluetooth in-ear buds under $50One of my favourite pairs of in-ear headphones that can be bought for under 50 also happens to be wireless with Bluetooth. I have also mentioned this one in previous blog posts of mine, as it has made it onto some of my top 5 lists. It’s called the JLab GO! A fairly unheard of brand, but this specific model is built with care. The fit is great, the style is adequate, and the Bluetooth sound is actually excellent. This model is also boasting some very positive reviews on Amazon, and I’m also very happy with it. Want to know more about these? Check out my full review by clicking here.

SoundMAGIC E10

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The soundMAGIC E10 has gained popularity at a very rapid rate, it has also kind of flown under the radar for many low budget in ear headphone seekers. This pair has a really strong build, with a professional soundstage, excellent bass, natural mids, with an overall balanced tone. The E10 has a great track record in terms of Amazon reviews, people are surprised with how well this in ear pair of headphones holds up, considering it can be purchased online for well under 50.

Sennheiser MM30i

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Yes you can find brand names on a budget! Why not have a look at the MM30i in ear headphones that can be bought for about $39, which is about 40% off the original price. Thats truly an extreme bargain considering your getting German made headphones that are built with quality in mind. These little guys are also noise cancelling, and they also include track and volume control and a microphone on the cable. They are also rocking a solid 4 start on Amazon.

Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi

in ear headphones on a budgetAlthough Logitech is kind of new to the headphones scene, they made a few really great models last year, one of them is UE 600vi. This pair here was originally being sold at around $120 but you can now buy them at a wild 58% discount, which I was only able to find online. From my experience with these headphones they are worth way more then their current price. They are packed with features and sound really amazing, although the frequencies kind of cater more towards vocals and rock, then bass heavy music such as rap and house. I did a full review on these, you can check it out by clicking here.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23

best noise cancelling in ear headphones under 50How could I ever leave out Audio-Technica, especially at this price of under 50! These are of course in ear, but also sport an extra active noise cancelling feature, which can be switched on and off, very similar to Bose models 5 times the price. The comfort and sound quality is also quite exceptional, which is to be expected on any Audio-Technica model, for under 50 you can’t really go wrong with these.