Best Bone Conduction Headphones


Bone conduction headphones are quite neat little devices, the concept is not that new as it has been used in hearing aids and by the military for quite some time now. Their use in headphones is still under development, although there are many models on the market that are pushing the limits of this technology and perform very well. These headphones look super cool, and you don’t actually need to put anything inside your ear-canal, since the sound travels through your skull bones!

Some of the best bone conduction headphones on the market today are made for sports. The fact that you have nothing blocking your ears allows you to hear your surroundings perfectly, which is a highly desired feature. We have not yet seen a warm welcoming into the audiophile world yet for this new sound transmitting technology, as it is seen as inferior compared to the advanced hi-fi products available.

One positive aspect of these bone conducting headphones is their low entry level price points, which is significantly lower than their more mainstream audiophile counterparts. The majority of these futuristic looking headphones are wireless with Bluetooth, while the lower priced ones tend to be wired. Depending on the type of use that you personally need in a headset, this new technology could suit you well. Lets have a look at some of the best that you can actually buy right now!


Aftershokz AS330F Bluez

Best Bone Conduction Headphones



These are the go to pair for many people. They provide a very well rounded experience, and also impress many people as they function very well. These headphones are also wireless with Bluetooth! I found them very comfortable to use, and judging by all the positive Amazon reviews so did many other people. I was also surprised with there exception sound quality, especially the bass, which literally rumbles through your cheek bones into your ear canals. The price for these bone conductors is also very reasonable, they generally sell around $100 but I found them on sale for much cheaper.

These are great for use in the office, or in situations where you need to hear your surroundings, but in very loud situations you may need to really crank up the volume. You can use these for sports but they are slightly larger compared to some models designed specifically for jogging and an active lifestyle.


Aftershokz AS321-E Sportz M2




Heres another one, by the same company known as Aftershokz, who seem to be leading the bone conduction movement in music headphones. This specific pair is designed extra lightweight, durable, and pliable for active sports use. In terms of a pair of sports headphones you can’t really get any better than this. With these headphones you can enjoy your music, listen to the radio or TV, all while having an open ear experience allowing you to be more aware of your surroundings than ever.

This model excels for city use, so that you can hear on-coming traffic. Its also a great choice for team sports, for gym use, and for those of you who enjoy tactical training or military missions. This pair is wired, which is something to keep in mind.

The sound for the AS321-E Sports M2 is quality, with more emphasis on the mids and highs, I found it to be lacking just a little bit in bass. You can experiment with placement on your cheek bones for an optimal sound experience, sometime you can get it just right and be amazed at how well they perform.


Audio Bone AB10 1.0

Audio Bone


Here’s a different company with a very interesting bone conducting system. These ones are also designed for sports or literally anything else you want to do. Here’s the cool part, these headphones are completely waterproof! Not water or sweat resistant, but actually fully submersible in water. Which means you can go swimming with these on, now that something worth sharing!

Oddly enough this pair is wired, so you better have a waterproof device to go with these. This model has kind of flown under the radar compared to some of the other bigger names out there, but in my opinion their still worth a look. That is if you can afford the heftier price tag nearing the $200 mark.


Aftershokz AS500 Bluez 2



This model is somewhat more luxurious compared to the others we have looked at. It is a little heavier and larger in size than the others, but with comes some more advanced features. The AS500 is on the best bone conduction list for a reason, as it’s sporting a PremiumPitch patented dual suspension technology which provides amazing sound.

You can still use these for working out, a Nanotechnology treatment coating has been applied to these headphones for the purpose of sweat repelling. This pair also has dual microphones for crisp communication, making it potentially the best model for mobile use.

These headphones have an excellent frequency range and the bass is bumping, you may notice a slight tickle when you crank up the volume on bass heavy music. Since these are also wireless, I would consider them one of the best choices you can make.


Panasonic RP-BTGS10



Here’s a new model from a well known company trying their hand at this new micro niche.  Panasonic is known for making average products, with the occasional great model. I personally like the look and style of this bone headset they have created, it stands out from the crowd. This particular pair comes in a few color varieties as well, you can view them by clicking the link at the bottom.

The RP-BTGS10 is waterproof against sweat and rain, and it’s also connected by Bluetooth. This headset comes with a log lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery, that is good for up to 30 hours of continues use. Some of the features also include, NFC, and APTx, allowing you to connect to your device easily and quickly while also choosing sound settings according to your current background noise.