Best AudioPhile Headphones On A Budget

Best AudioPhile Headphones On A Budget

When looking for a pair of audiophile headphones you definitely are going to want the best. Generally all audiophile headphones are going to be good, and outperform many other headphones, or they would not even be considered audiophile in the first place. The general definition for audiophile is “someone who is enthusiastic about high-end sound reproduction” so you can bet your hat that the cans these individuals prefer (including me) are going to be some of the best.

There is a plethora of things that make a pair of headphones “audiophile”, some of which include the following; The build of the headphones, the comfort, the style, and most would consider the biggest deciding factor, the sound reproduction quality. If you could find a pair that ranks highest in all of those categories, you would undoubtedly have found the best pair of audiophile headphones. Even though I have personally not found that perfect pair yet, there are some that come pretty close, and I have tested and reviewed hundreds of headphones to date.

I have compiled this top 5 list of audiophile headphones that can be bought on a budget, and I believe rank fairly high up on the audio richter scale. You can click on the links under each pair to view reviews, specifications, and prices.

I would love to hear what you think the best audiophile headphones on a budget are down below in the comments!

Beyerdynamic T90 – Not So “Cheap” But Still A Great Choice

big unique cans for audiophilesI’m going to start this list off with the famous Beyerdynamic, which actually make a few models that are amazing. One pair that really stood out to me is the T90 New Tesla, which I and many others find ranks really high in all important areas. Beyerdynamic managed to combine style, build quality, and sound reproduction into one fantastic pair. The T90’s have a metal construction, with a super comfortable over-ear fitting style, the materials they have chosen to use, such as velour ear-pads, really make this model stand out. The sound reproduction is as accurate as it gets, but do keep in mind that these are an open back design so they may not be ideal for a noisy environment. The New T90’s also come with a fairly hefty price tag, but if your a true audiophile and want only the best, price is your only obstacle!

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x – Could Potential Be Your Best Decision For Audiophile On A Budget

headphones that are cheapIf your looking for audiophile quality on a little bit of a budget, Audio-Technica could be your best bet, more specifically the M-Series. The M-Series includes such models as the ATH-M20, ATH-M30, ATH-M40, and ATH-M50, which are also all available in the new release and upgraded X-Series models. My favourite model which makes my “best audiophile headphones” list is the ATH-M50x. This specific model provides unusual value for the price. The sound is absolutely incredible and very balanced, the comfort could potentially be the best I’ve ever experienced. The only down side for me was the build which is all plastic but still durable. If you have not taken a closer look at these I highly recommend you do, and you can take a look at my full review by clicking here.

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RHA – Can’t Get Enough Of The MA750i!

best in-ear cans with great soundMaking my top 5 list again is the RHA MA750i, the sheer excellence provided by these in-ear headphones is astonishing, I feel wrong leaving them out even though I’ve mentioned this model several times already in previous blog posts. The reason for my infactuation with this model is because it provides high end build, comfort, style, and sound reproduction at a price that is incredibly low (I also like UK made products).

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AKG K 240 MK II – Low Key But Amazing Headphones

aka makes the best low profile headphones for audiophilesAKG makes some low profile audiophile cans that can be obtained on small budgets, the cool thing is that they perform really well. Not too many people know about this headphone brand, they cater more towards the tightly knit niche of audiophiles and DJ’s and pretty much anybody who works with sound for a living. Whats interesting i that these headphones work very well but your average consumer has no idea, and so they pay twice as much for a big brand name pair of headphones that may or may not perform as well as these. If you haven’t yet tried any AKG’s I highly recommend you do, and if you are on a tight budget for a pair of serious audiophile headphones then look no further and pull the trigger on the 250 MK II, you will not be disappointed.

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Sennheiser On-Ear Momentums – German Audiophile Engineering At It’s Best

best german audiophile on-ear earphonesThe Sennheiser On-Ear Momentums definitely deserve a spot here. The quality craftsmanship of these cans is second to none, with a thick metal headband that provides a nice flex, combined with it’s ultra soft suede padding, these are a great choice as a budget pair of audiophile headphones. The sound is also excellent, but may not have that precision found mostly on audiophile headphones in the $600 and up price range. The overall package that the On-Ear Momentums brings to the table makes them a great choice.

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3 thoughts on “Best AudioPhile Headphones On A Budget

  1. Nev

    AKG K 240 MK II and Audio-Technica ATH-M50x and Beyerdynamic T90 are garbage to a Audiophile and the RHA are not a thing to talk about ……What about Grado 60i or the bowers and wilkins p5 and the sennheiser HD 558 just to name a few on a budget. I am an audiophile and I started with some of those and have moved on to Shure 1840 HD 800 Grado RS1i and Grado GS 1000 and Stax SR-009.

    • Mat Post author

      The models that you have mentioned are also great. The ones I’ve mentioned in this post really impressed me, and from what I’ve read a lot of people really like them as well, especially as an audiophile entry point. I would love to be able to mention every single model that fits the bill as a budget audiophile pair of headphones, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Although there is a good chance that I update this post soon with some budget B&W, as well as Grado.

  2. Steve

    I totally agree with Nev he is right on the mark with hi criticism of those three. I bought those AKG’s recently because so many others said they were so good and after 15 minutes of use I packed them up and put them on Craig’s List I lost $100 bucks but there was no way I was going to keep them my cheapy Sony’s MDRV-150’s put them to shame at 1/8th the cost. The Momentums Over Ears Cans might be OK for cheaper headphones I love the Grado’s and higher-end Senns too but they cost $600 to $1200 or higher.

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