Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones Review

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ATH-M50x First Look & Impressions

Audio-Technica, known for their very precise audiophile products, just released a brand new line of headphones. These new “X” headphones are an upgrade to the already outstanding M-Series, I recently reviewed the ATH-M30x, in this review were going to take a look at the ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones. I had the chance to use the ATH-M50x headphones quite thoroughly, and let me tell you, they bring great joy! These pro design headphones are designed for advanced DJ use, but are also a great choice for leisure use, whether you want to use them around the house or on the go.

The ATH-M50x headphones came in a nice box, that was very easy to open, the headphones were displayed very professionally inside the box. These bad boys come in a variety of colors, the ones I have are black, but they also come in a stunning blue and white variation, you can view them here. Audio-Technica included a generous amount of accessories, including 3 different style cables, and a nifty carrying bag.

SpecificationsAudio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones Review

  • Pro 45mm rare earth magnet drivers
  • Sonic sound performance
  • Clear and balanced audio frequency
  • Pivoting ear-cups for comfort and easy single ear listening
  • Removable and lockable cable
  • Reinforced and extendable headband
  • Collapsible design for travel

ATH-M50x Build & Features

The build on these ATH-M50x’s did not change too much, compared to the previous model. The design is very similar as well. These Audio-Technica professional monitor headphones are mainly an all plastic construction, with the exception of the steel reinforced headband extension, they feel very solid when holding and wearing them. Im very happy and pleased with the fact that the over-all base design was left intact, mainly because the original ATH-M50 is already a superb pair of cans, the saying “do not fix what is not broken” fits in well in this situation.

The ear-cups are oval shaped, with excellent plush padding, they also pivot in almost all directions, making them a pleasure to use, whether in the studio or just hanging out. The headband is a little bit thicker then the older model, with good padding, and a nice big Audio-Technica logo on the top. The headband is also a tad bit looser, but has a nice spring to it, catering to almost any head size. These headphones can be folded, making them very easy to travel with. The biggest change made to the ATH-M50x, is the ability to remove the cable. The cable is also lockable, simply push in the cable and twist it clockwise to lock it into place, very similar to the locking feature on the Sennheiser Momentum on-ear headphones.

The cables provided with these cans are super high quality. They come with one short straight cable that is great for city use, one long straight cable that is best suited for a studio environment, and a long coiled cable that you can use for anything (my personal favourite). Each one of them is thick and robust, a gold plated plug adapter is also provided. The cable variety is great if your going to have more then one use for these headphones.

The way these headphones are built play a big roll in why they are so comfortable, making them a popular choice for so many professional DJ’s around the world. The ATH-M50x is also surprisingly light weight, which is immediately apparent when taking them out of the box.

ATH-M50x Comfort & Wearability

The comfort of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones is second to none, even when compared to other headphones in a much higher price range. A lot of this great comfort is due to its light weight, combined with a slew of other subtle features. As stated earlier, the earpieces are oval shaped, allowing for an immaculate fit around the ears. None of the padding from the ear-cups actually touches your ears, but rests more around them on your head. This eliminates any possible pressure points, and provides the perfect amount of room for your ears to breath.comfort and sound performance of audio-technica ath-m50x

The padding on the ear-cups is not memory foam, but is nice and spongy. The headband also has a nice similar padding to it, it is quite wide, allowing the headphones to rest comfortably on top of your head. The combination of all these small details makes for an incredibly comfortable fit, and one that allows for an extremely long usage time. After using the headphones for about 5 minutes it was easy to forget I even had them on, and after about 30 minutes there was still no sign of any pressure points building, nor were my ears heating up in any way whatsoever.

The overall comfort on these ATH-M50x headphones is fantastic, and I’m impressed with them, if you cant already tell!

Audio-Technica Professional Monitor Sound

The main reason why the M-Series from Audio-Technica has been a number one choice for DJ’s and audio professionals worldwide, comes down to its advanced sound performance. The ATH-M50x has something many headphones do not have, and thats sonic sound performance, the ability to play highly detailed notes in a crisp balanced manner. The frequency range on these cans is impressive, I immediately noticed how well levelled the mids were, giving off a feeling of distance but also staying powerful, clear, and precise. The treble is good, and the bass is strong, while staying very well balanced.

The combination of comfort, and unbelievable audio performance provided a sense of realism, that would be very difficult to find in other headphones, in any price bracket. If you put the ATH-M50x on and close your eyes, you can almost convince yourself that your listening to a live show, or that your inside a world class club with a high end speaker system!

In all seriousness, you can’t really go wrong with a pair of ATH-M50x professional monitor headphones. For best price, and more personal reviews, click on the product link below.


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    How do these compare to the Bose SoundTrue around the ear headphones for comfort and sound quality? I Am actually trying to decide between the M40x and the Bose. I found the Bose for $150, but the 40x is about $50 cheaper.
    Thanks for your feedback. Great reviews here!

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