Arctic P253 BT Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones Review

Arctic P253 BT Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones Review

Bluetooth Headphones with Mic: Behind The Neck

These headphones offer excellent digital sound and are great for use with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and PCs. These are affordable and have a pretty low price point especially for the quality of sound these headphones offer. Because of the built in mic, online gaming as well as making calls while listening to music with your smartphone is an easy processes with the Arctic P253 BT Bluetooth Stereo Wireless headphones. Rather than the typical headband, these headphones use a wraparound neckband that is made of sturdy plastic. This means no more messed up hair after a long commute or walk in the park while listening and no more pinched head after prolonged use. It also means a much more comfortable fit and feel.

P253 Specifications

The soft, well-cushioned, leather-wrapped ear cups work well to keep sound in and keep noises from the outside world out. The Arctic P253’s support all Bluetooth enabled devices. They are quite easy to pair with any device and can be used with whatever variety of devices you own, one pair will work for all of your Bluetooth enabled gizmos. Volume adjustment and other controls are easy to use and are built in to one of the ear cups. The integrated lithium ion battery is fully rechargeable via a USB port and enclosed cable and works for hours from a full charge. They are also incredibly lightweight at about 2.5 ounces and are great to wear for long term listening pleasure. The fold-able design of these headphones makes them easy to tuck away when they are not in use and makes them great for traveling and commuting.

What Users are Saying

Most users cannot believe the great quality of the Arctic P253 BT Bluetooth Stereo Wireless Headphones that come at such an affordable price. They claim that the bass is excellent and that other sound ranges are clear and not at all muddied. Purchasers of this product find the ease of synching them to any Bluetooth enabled device to be a real plus. They also love the easy control features, including the fact that music automatically pauses when one answers a phone call and resumes right where you left off when the call ends. The built in volume control and the ability to skip tracks that is all built in to the ear cups are convenient, well-placed and very easy to use. Those who own these headphones find the leather ear cups wear well and are very comfortable. They fit snuggly and very few users report any discomfort when wearing these headphones long term. The two year limited warranty is a plus at this price point that attracts many buyers as well although users seem to very rarely need to use the warranty as the product is sturdily built.  All in all those who have decided to give the Arctic P253 headphones a chance have not been disappointed with them and are quite happy to report that the sound is better than expected and that the features such as the ability to answer calls while listening to music work seamlessly and effectively. Users of these headphones report that they would definitely recommend them to others.