5 Best Over Ear Headphones With Mic Under 100

5 Best Over Ear Headphones With Mic Under 100

There is a famous quote that says ‘without music life would be a mistake’ that is so true because music is loved by all people regardless of age. Most people wish they could listen to music anywhere at any time. In the recent past, this was difficult as there were no devices that one could use. However, today it is possible to listen to music anywhere at any time as long as you have your headphones. There are many types of headphones out there on the market ranging from earphones or over ear headphones. Today, there are headphones that are designed with a mic, that enables you to receive calls right from your phone without removing the headphones. The challenge does not lie in finding a headphone but in finding the type of headphone that is fit for you both economically and in functionality. If you are looking for Over ear headphones with a mic that are of good quality and are affordable, below is a list of the best 5 over ear headphones with mic that are sold for less than $100.

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1. Eskuche Control v2 KRM Headphones

These are headphones that are manufactured by Eskuche Audio, a company that is based in Los Angles. These over ear headphones are designed with a theme that is borrowed from the 70s. The control v2 are designed to give you comfort while you are using them. They come with padded cushions that cover and protect your ears from the metal. If you are looking for voice cancellation over ear headphones then control v2 headphones is what you should get. This is because the cushions tend to cover your ears, cancelling all noise that is coming from the external environment.  The headphones are built with adjustable metal hinges that make it easy for anyone to use them. The Control v2 is designed with an apple 3 in line button, and a mic that enables you to communicate with ease without removing the headphones. These headphones have a great sound quality, and they are a top choice for over ear headphones with a mic under 100. They are available online, and also in retail shops.

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2. JVC HAMR55X Xtreme Xplosives Headphones

These headphones weigh about 2 pounds making them good for both sports and exercise. The headphones are easy to use as they are also designed with a mic and a button remote, which enable you to take calls from smartphones like android operated phones, blackberry or iPhone. These over-ear JVC headphones have rubber protectors that are meant to provide a lasting durability. While the headphones are not noise cancelling headphones, they do provide you with  a powerful audio as they generate a high output, and heavy deep bass response through their 50mm driver unit size. With the soft, cushion like ear cups and a padded headband, you can wear these headphones through a whole 2 hour movie without getting uncomfortable. The headphones have other great and wonderful features, for example, being designed with JVC Smart Switch technology, and they have a gold-plated compatible slim plug that lets you connect to many devices. It is reported that a human ear is sensitive to frequency range of about 20Hz to 20KHz (The Hertz is the range of sound a system can play) the JVC headphones has  8Hz -23000 Hz frequency response making it ideal and comfortable for the human ear.

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3. Plugged Inc. – Crown Series Martian Headphones

Have the ultimate music experience with the Plugged Inc.– crown series Martian headphones. These red colored headphones have been designed in an all plastic construction with a metal headband extension. Unlike the other over-head headphones under 100, the Martian headphones come with a removable cable that has volume control, pause and play button plus a microphone. They’re also padded with leather cushion ear cups that are sound cancelling, which blocks all sound that is external. The cushions also make the headphones comfortable. Unlike the other headphones on the market that have one driver on both ear pieces, these headphones have a unique duel driver that is 40 mm and the other 15mm on both ear pieces. This makes the sound to be of high quality, because the duel driver balances the sound. The headphones can be bought online or most retail shops, and they go for under 100.

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4. Panasonic RP-HX650-K DJ Style Monitor Headphones

The Panasonic monitor headphones are designed with a bio cellulose diaphragm a feature that allows the headphones to have pure, quality and precise sounds. They are easy to carry as they have a fold-flat design that enables you to carry them easily. The headphones are plastic in construction, which makes them very light in weight. The headphones are very comfortable and easy to use as they have a padded headband and also padded ear pieces.  The Panasonic headphones have a single-sided cord. The sound is great and powerful as the headphones are designed with a 40mm driver on each ear piece and also a 10Hz- 30 KHz frequency response. They come with an in-line mic, and can be bought under $100.

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5. Creative 51EF0640AA008 Hitz MA-2400 On-Ear Stereo Mobile Headset

The Creative on-ear stereo mobile headset comes in 5 different colors, primarily; black, blue, red, white, green. The headsets have neodymium drivers that are designed to deliver music with deep base. With an in-built microphone, the headsets make it possible for you to have clear conversations without necessarily having to remove the headsets. This headset can be used on smart phones like iPhones, android phones, and tablets as they have a one touch button that makes it possible for you to control the volume, make calls and also playback music. You can enjoy using these headsets for hours without your ears getting hurt as they are designed with padded ear cups and headband. They have tangle-free cables and a golden-plated plug that enables the headset to have a high-grade connectivity. The headsets have the fold-flat design that enables you to store and even carry them around. The mic works very well, and you can buy these online or in store under $100.

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